Is the blackburn game a must win?


The bottom two-thirds of the table is very close as we know a couple of wins will make us as safe as bolton or blackpool.


If we carnt beat blackburn at home, a team we already beat with a second string in the cup then im gonna start getting worried.


Ive not fretted up till now, but i feel i'll start to if we dont get 3 points on saturday.

Blackburn is a must win game for me.

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You should be beating Rovers but then again, you shouldn't be where you are.

Is he still trailing Young upfront because even though you lost I thought he was excellent at Old Trafford.

He is still playing young up front, but thats another discussion altogether!


I see what he's trying to do just am not sure now's the time to be trying it.


At OT i thought we put some good passing football together althought we did look like a team who had just learnt how to do this. I was not suprised when UTD decided to steam roll our goal without even looking like they were trying. however the OT game still left me feeling confidant.


At home to Rovers tho i expect a win, but ive been expecting wins before that have not materialize


So do you not like Young upfront then?

I see the potential of young up front.

When we have Albrighton and Downing on the wings.

However we seem to play Agbonlahor on the wing and young up front with bent. Im not convinced this works.


A lot of talk of young leaving, is he good enough for Utd?

I think so but many disagree.  I don't like Agbonlahor, poor attitude, thick as two short planks, not half as good as he thinks.  He'd be out the door if I were the Villa manager.

Haha he is known to be a little short on the brain cells. who knows if this is true or not. It certainly dont effect his pull with the ladies.

He is a villan tho and you carnt fault his commitment which counts for a lot for me.

If he beat the keeper in one on ones just half the time he'd have 20+ a season thats the biggest disapointment.

We'll have him :D



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