Glad that I,m the first to comment on the Bundisliga.

Been a fan for nealy 30 years of B.v.B.

We had some really good times in the 90,s .

But WE ARE BLOODY lucky we are where we are today.

A lot of mismanagement & recklessness damm near BROKE us.

Now we are very competitable & for my opinion doing well.

We won the League last year with a team of average 21.5 years.

But played GREAT football.

This will be hard to copy but we will try and PLAY good football again.

I don,t think we will be Champions but we will be in the top 4.

I do Recommend a trip to Signal Iduna park 88,000 it,s breathtaking.


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Your youth is something to be proud of.

How Bayern let Hummels go to you guys i don't know.

But it looks like the lack of Sahin's has damaged your team significantly.

yes a little but Lucas has been out injured,Shins is way below form (injury & x thousand miles flying)

Like I said WE (not me ) are young and will go a learning phase. If we can hold our own in the CL this season this will help us no end.

Matts was I admit a steal. that was a class case of BAD MANAGEMENT (seldom from Bayern)there bad luck our good luck.

As for Nuri poor bugger has not had a chance to prove but he will.





I love watching Dortmund, such youthful energy in several areas of the pitch and, this is rare now, a really optimistic crowd.



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