Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho has once again come out with a load of fan pleasing nonsense bringing embarrassment upon Sporting Lisbon. The president is angry with Andre Carrillo for refusing to sign a new contract, with his current one ending in the summer.

Rather than work with the player and try to find a compromise, Carrillo was last year suspended by Sporting and hasn't been allowed to play. Bruno de Carvalho has repeatedly talked about disciplinary proceedings against Carrillo, which all stem from him not accepting renewal offers last year. Sporting like to put players on contracts with huge buyout clauses, without the wages to match, and it can lead to exit thoughts, like the transfer of Eric Dier to Tottenham.

Leicester City made an official bid of €12m during the summer transfer window, which led Sporting's president to mock them and Carrillo's ability because he'd only received that offer "The only proposal that I received was that of Leicester. Is Carrillo good? If he’s good it only appears there was a proposal from Leicester, this colossus of world football? Only after the clubs agree among themselves, then the buyer club can talk to the player.

"The agent did not speak to the player. When I was young I also believed in Santa Claus, but then I stopped believing."

It's little wonder Carrillo didn't renew!

The latest comments from Bruno de Carvalho are even more pathetic, with him quoted by Estadio Deportivo as saying "If it had not been the Sporting in his life, he possibly wouldn't play football, he could be playing in any street of Peru and perhaps not even known by anyone.

"We worked with him, Carrillo, four years ago, we grew him, educated him, dressed him, fed him... Because of that Carrillo now has a name, but when he arrived in 2011 he was a child."

When Carrillo moved to Sporting, he was already part of the Peru national squad and had been named the best young player in the country, hence Sporting paying €1.5m for him. Hardly some kid kicking a ball around in the street.

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