Very mixed feelings about this one. If Norwich have a better result than we do we're officially down, and I think that will be a major relief; we can start serious planning for next season, hopefully including a new manager coming in quickly. On the other hand, it sticks in the gullet not wanting to win, and on balance I'd like that; we need something to relieve this awful run, even if it delays things.

I think it would be a mistake to be too cautious with this one. We need to attack, however we can manage it. Bournemouth are in a bit of a slump; they'll be happy if we sit back. We can't sit back.

I'd start Grealish and make him the centre-piece of going forwards. I'd also play Sinclair; he's been dumped on the bench far too often, he always does his best when he comes on; it's usually without much support from those around him, but with Grealish there it could be different, and Sinclair is our most reliable striker if he's played not too far from goal.

I'd like to see something like:


Lyden Okore Clark Cissokho

Ayew Gana Westwood Grealish

Gestede Sinclair

with Traore a sub from the bench.

But I suspect we'll have Richards and Lescott in there. Unfortunately. Black has been talking about small steps, which doesn't fill me with too much optimism.

Still, here's hoping.

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I think it's an opportunity now to bring in two more young lads. We still need to respect the league and hopefully not get slaughtered but why not we have nothing to loose.

Team: Guzan Lyden Clark Lescott Cissokho Bacuna Westwood Gana Richardson Sinclair Ayew

Bench: Bunn Richards Sanchez Adama Grealish Gestede Toner

Think it's:


Lyden Clark Lescott Cissokho

Bacuna Westwood Gana Richardson

Sinclair Ayew

Never thought I'd see Richardson in a Villa shirt again. I'd have stuck Ayew there and Gestede up front. Gestede may not be the most cultured player but he keeps defences occupied.

god awful team. 0 creativity in that side 0 excitement. All on the bench or not in squad

Terrible!  HT 1-0 down, conceding as usual spot on 45 minutes.

What on earth is the point of sticking Sinclair up front and not having Grealish in the team creating anything behind him?

Black's got this totally wrong. This isn't a training pitch exercise. He should have put Grealish and Gestede in the team and gone for it.

Please, please, get the new manager in ASAP.

Finally, Gestede gets onto the pitch. But he takes Lyden off and still no Grealish or Adama. Why not take Richardson off????

There's a reason there's hardly any British managers in the Premier League, and they're starting to lose their grip on the Championship. They're nearly all no bl**dy good.

Can't believe what I'm watching. No adventure whatsoever.

I'm not sure I would keep ANY!! Of this lot for next season.

So Ayew finds the net at the end. Why can't we be set up to attack from the beginning? In the state we['re in you can't just be set up to try to not concede! At least Sherwood last season realised that the only hope was to go out and score goals. Think Black will be out as soon as we have a new manager.

A dreadful day. And Norwich can't even get the point to send us down. GRRRRRRRRR!

Think it's time to call for Blacks head, WTF was that team about. Richardson - why, Bacuna - why. Why was Grealish and Gestade on the bench?

This is bad I didn't think we could make it worse but that was disgraceful, think I agree with Duckies let's clear the lot and start again.

It's torture I think I an going to phone the EU it's plain cruelty to supporters.

Black out!

Guzan, Lescott, Bacuna, Westwood, Richardson all start. Of course we lost. None of those should be anywhere near the first team ever again. I bet Gabby would have played too, if he hadn't have cried off with a non-existent virus.

What on earth was that team? Gestede, Grealish, Traore all on the bench. Why not play them and at least have some sort of go at Bournemouth. And where is Okore? Surely a much better bet than Lescott.

So it's EIGHT straight defeats and we continue to go with an absolute whimper. Maybe instead of messing with the badge and removing 'prepared', they should remove the lion and replace it with a pussy cat.

An owner who is an utter embarassment and seems to shows no interest in our decline.

A very poor squad a lot of whom will go at significant losses.

A club Captain who is a complete joke.

The highest percentage of empty seats in a stadium on average.

2 million on a new crest..........................

Money thrown away in compensation to poorly appointed staff.

Taking Lyden off at half-time today................

Sacking the tea lady


A ray of hope. If Sunderland beat Leicester tomorrow then we're down. Come on Sam, we're on your side ...

Dont want that to happen tho MCP want Leicester to win the league and will complete a miserable season if the spuds win it.



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