So we're back on the trail. Haven't got the faintest about this one. If we're remotely where we want to be then we ought to win it; we have the squad, now is the time to get it delivering.

So will Steve put out a side which can produce performances at the level of the Norwich and Wigan games? Or will he try another experiment with 3 at the back? Or will he go for trying to see which of his new signings can actually do a job for us?

Me, I'm so confused about the new signings that I can't get my head around suggesting a team. Ignore Snoddy, Elmo and Samba and it becomes a lot easier. Maybe the way to do it is to take the Middlesborough game into account and select a different team for each.

6 league games in September; this is really the crunch month. They are all winnable. Reckon W3 D2 L1, ie 11 points from 18, is the absolute minimum to look for, and that's being kind. Lose to Brentford and things begin to look bleak. Beat Brentford and Middlesborough and we should be pretty close to the top 6.


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" On ward's and upward,s  MCP

That is what i keep telling myself .

Bruce must now surely have a good idea of how to set up the team to get the best out of them .

This game i agree with you we should win but and it is a big but if Bruce decides to try out another formation or another game plan he has seen work on his X BOX 360 we will be back in the sticky stuff .

I say if it is not broken don't fix it stick to a formation and team that is winning and only change that if a player's form drop's or if anyone get's injured .

The thing i am hoping and praying for is for Kodjia to get back a.s.a.p and hopefully continue where he left off last season .



This is a must win, if we don't the whole thing becomes pressurised and the nerves will be on edge.

I expect nothing less than a good win at least 3-0 it will set the whole month on a good footing.

Dare I say lose and you're history Bruce by the end of the month.

Every body & his dog suggests that this is a must win - is it really ? how many times last season has this been exclaimed ?

Us supporters are so confused with our managers swop & changes to formation that it makes logical conclusions difficult to predict - no point thinking that we could possibly revert to the Norwich or Wigan games - for us supporters that was a good formation ?

We can score goals without Kodjia but only if the clown allows the team to play football - - his return with be a bonus even with this clown & his negative tactics.

Will wait till November after all of the tourists have gone home - then if in top six - wow is it gonna be party time !!


Grrr missing my ouzo - but a small price to pay for top 6 hopefulls

OK, few matches are really must-win. This isn't. But with less than 11 points from 18 for these 6 matches it would be safe to say that we're not delivering anything near enough, and big, big questions will be asked about Steve. Lose this and we're heading in that sort of direction. We can recover from a loss, but the point at which Bruce has a real must-win match gets closer.

Don't agree, sorry McP but for my money this is a must win, simply because it sets the tone for the month. Win and we are on the up, lose and depression sets in.

It's simple it's a must win or Bruce is under pressure.

Well, now we know. Very poor. Brentford will feel robbed. They had 18 shots to our 5, and 5 on target to our 1. Johnstone saved our bacon.

Bruce hasn't a clue. Brings in players he has fond memories of working with in the past in the hope they'll do it for him. There's more to management than that Steve.

Sticking up front as our sole attacking player a youngster who although promising has never scored for us? We were at home. Why not stick Hogan and Davis up front, so Davis has somebody to target? Or even McCormack and Davis? So many questions.

He has to go, surely. Giving him more time to prove he can't do it is pointless. The longer he stays the more his replacement will have to do in getting what is basically a strong squad back on track.

Sounds like we were poor again, feels like last season again.

What can we do?

I think Martin O Neil put a pikey curse on us when he quit. Get him back and spill his blood on Villa Park, that will lift the curse and we can get back to where we belong.

It is the ONLY thing that will help!!

Agree this time McP Bruce hasn't got a clue, our club has been F**ked over for years now and enough is enough.

The Dr must be as disappointed as I am and he has the power to make the change.

No more excuses, no more who is available to take over. I don't care, other so called lesser teams make good appointments and we must have a plan to cover this possibility.

My dog would be better than Bruce.

To right Mcp & JDHS .

He spent the money .

He built his squad .

He pick's the player's .

He say's what tactic's to use .

He is in charge of the first team .

He has to answer all the question's now about Villa's performance's .

He is the Manager .

If he cannot perform get rid and get someone else in who can before it is to late .

The time for excuse's is up get the team going or get going out of Villa Park .



He has to go, surely ?

That was yet again the type of performance that Mr Bruce has us believing will take us up as its done him proud 4 times now.

We have a squad that should be top 6 at the very least after 6 games yet he still hasn't got a clue on who plays and what formation is best.

How does Gabby keep getting near this squad whilst Ross Mc fails to get a second chance when we are desperate for a goal poacher. Even Hogan when fit is second fiddle to the Golden child.

That Yesterday was not good enough yet Bruce blames the players being tired after international run outs.

Lets break that down, first class flight to a nice hotel, massages by a physio ,warm ups then a game, most

international teams play a slow passing game unlike the fast pace of the championship,, as we all say, boring internationals .

We had a squad big enough to avoid this if it is an excuse but its what he blames the draw on.

The bits I viewed showed us being outplayed by a well organised Dean Smith team of nobody's.

We were at home yet set up to be a none attacking unit.....again.

He has to go, sadly he is destroying the confidence of too many decent players that shone bright at other clubs.

He needs to go before our midweek game so we can get positivity back, even if we lose we will at least know we have a new bright positive thinking coach coming in , just like we thought Bruce wold be.

Please Doctor, pull the pin and toss out this dud.

I agree he has to go - but who is this new 'bright positive thinking coach' who will be our Messiah?

That is the question! But I haven't seen a decent answer.

Would any of you be happy with Allardyce? Not me, so I have no idea who we go for.

I think Middlesboro might be last chance saloon, a heavy defeat and Bruce will be on his way.

Bet we draw!



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