Team: Johndtone, Hutto, Chester, Baker, Amavi, Hourihane, Lansbury Bjarnason, Adomah, Kodjia, Green

Bench: Bunn, Bree, Elphick, Bacuna, Gardner, Davis, Grealish

So, the first outing for our absolutely brand-new midfield. Come on, lads!

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2-0 HT to them. Yeah, right....

New players, same old mistakes. We miss a couple of good chances, then opposition score with their first chance. Heads are dropping all over the pitch, passes going astray, no leadership. Come on ffs have a go !

3-0 ffs, this game too early for us
Well outplayed, out thought, by a whole side that I'll bet didn't cost more than McCormack.

It's fairly and squarely down to you Bruce, from now on there's only one man to blame.

They need time to gel. How many times have I typed that in the last 3 years.

Sad but true, let's forget play offs etc. Concentrate on making these players we have now into a unit. A team that works for each other and can run for 90 mins.

Bruce needs to be given a break and let him do his job. If the fans get on his back we'll lose him and who do we turn to then. There aren't many left who haven't managed us.

Dead right. Something badly wrong tonight and it's not the players. Poorly set up for this match. When you replace the whole midfield you have to concentrate on basics. Keep it tight. Make sure the midfield and defence are in  tune. Tonight we wholly underestimated the opposition. What's been going on on the training ground can't begin to guess. But ultimately it's down to Bruce.

Bruce could be on the verge of going. Tonight shouldn't have happened. If it happens again I think the Dr. will act. Only thing is I don't know how far it's Bruce and how far Calderwood. Calderwood wasn't a Bruce appointment.

Whatever. Forget promotion.

Look, the play-offs were gone after the Wolves match. I pointed that out then. But tonight I feel stunned and not for the first time. All season we have lacked quality in midfield. Now we have it and on paper, an out of form Brentford team shouldn't live with us. Yet it was THEY who looked to have the better quality, as well as the better spirit. The last three games have shown us three things; Wolves are better than we are; Preston are better than we are; Brentford are better than we are. This is plain to see and it's high time that we lowered our expectations.

Too gutted to write any more.
Been out the country in at the end of the world the last few months. Internet reception has been almost impossible. My mates have been using my season books.

What the hell has happened to us???????
I supported Lambert through to the bitter end and swore I would never blindly support a manager again. I happen to think that Villa treated him particularly badly, hopefully that's in the past.

Bruce in now the manager and in spite of spending £50m plus in the summer has been supported in the January window. Once again we have written off a £12m striker who we have turned into a dud.

Bruce has been allowed to sign players of his choice, half a team of new players so now fairly and squarely it's down to him.

If Mac is right and Calderwood wasn't Bruce's choice then there is an underlying problem, I thought we were past all that with this new board but if Mac is right then we have a real problem.

Having said that I am not making a case to sack Bruce but I am clearly saying it's his head now and it's time to stop talking about Villa's losing mentality that's an excuse for bad management. He is in charge of the team and tactics and last night he got it completely wrong. It was one of the worst performances I have seen for a long time.

When Calderwood was appointed the club made a point of saying that it was "a club appointment not a manager's one". The argument was that if the manager changes then the club wanted continuity. Bruce professed to be happy with appointment, but then he couldn't say much else. Crazy idea, if you ask me. It undermines the manager's authority.

Makes me wonder because Bruce's tenure changed from very positive before Calderwood was appointed to pretty dismal as soon as he was appointed. Calderwood is likely be in charge of the day to day training, and pre-match preparation.



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