Bruce may tinker ? We need a CB ?

We all knew this would happen at last seasons end & he has had pre-season to be able to find a formation

with the squad he has !

So now he is gonna tinker ? We have played 3 matches so far this season against inferior opposition !

What do think he is gonna do ?

Watching replays of teams around us in the league we are lucky to be where we are !

I really have really  tried to be positive this season - the results were positive but then I watched replays of the performances - I found it hard to watch my team producing such dire rubbish.

Yes I know we have few injury niggles but those that are available are more than adequate to produce performances that are worth watching !

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Bruce said that last year he may not have rotated his squad enough, leading to tired performances. I think he's started this year determined to get as much of the squad in action as possible, to build on pre-season, and also to try things out so that he knows where he is with the players. Hence the changing formations. It carries a risk, but actually with 7 points out of 9 we haven't done too badly.

I'm surprised he's done it, but I think it's the right thing to do. Hopefully he'll keep on making the odd change to keep the team fresh, and to keep his squad happy, because he needs them. So I think we'll see not one formation but several possible formations.

What has he learnt? One is that he doesn't always have to start Hourihane, because he's been very lively and effective coming off the bench. I hope he's learnt that Jedinak is not a CB; Tuanzebe and Elphick are better bets, although neither is perfect. McGinn looks a cracking buy, and he and Grealish could form a very effective partnership. Kodjia is getting back into his old self, but Adomah for some reason isn't at his best. Green looks great but still has something to learn. Barney has a part to play but principal DM is not his best position. And so on.

Brentford is an interesting test. Could go either way, but I think we'll see a better performance from us and hopefully a win.

I still have little faith that he really knows what he is doing. We are overloaded with midfielders, Lansbury can’t get a game, Bruce’s solution sign more midfielders, we have strikers coming back from injury and Kodjia back and he is looking for another striker. The whole situation has gone mad I am convinced that we need to owners to be tough if he starts as I expect to fall away.

As to tonight I think it’s an easy win but I expect it to be difficult but hope for a small win, if we don’t sack him.

Wow up JDHS - at last someone is talking sense !

Team news in and the only change is Whelan for Thor which could have been predicted! Still got Jedi as CB so that worries me.

New signing made today, a right winger which hopefully means we can drop Elmo back to RB in future with Tuanzebe as CB instead of Jedi. If we get Bolasie as well then we are looking good from an attacking point of view but still need to shore up the defence. Possibility of Abraham coming as well which would be good. Maybe the plan will be to outscore the opposition!!!!

This is the best ive seen Villa play in a long time.

Probably lose but good to watch.


Yes good game in parts good to watch in parts but do we really need any more proof that Bruce is not up to the job. Green back from injury and he signs two wingers.

Please get rid now.

Green isn't ready to start game after game. Bringing him on from the bench is the right way. Adomah had one of his better games tonight but still his final delivery could be better, consequence of playing left wing instead of right. The two new players could really add something.

Yep Andy, best I've seen for a long time, playing on the front foot with conviction. That gave Kodjia glimpses of opportunities, and he grabbed them. Load of positives from this game. We should have won, but grabbing a draw in this last minute was huge. 2 points off the top after 4 games; I'll take that.

Negatives; our defence isn't good enough, mainly down to Jedi. He's looking more and more like a pub player; can't pass, can't defend. Their first goal; Jedi's only movement was to get out of the way of the strike. Stick Elphick or Tuanzebe in as CB; if Tuanzebe, Elmo can drop to RB.

Other thing. Somebody ought to have a word with Jack about his game. It's too predictable; he hangs on to the ball and slows things down. He should be spreading it around faster.

Think Nyland had a much better game, although maybe should have done better for the second goal.


I didn't see it, but this is what I gather. Kodjia is back! Another late goal. Maupay should have been sent off before he got his 2nd (I have seen the challenge). A better attacking performance. Still issues at the back.

Still unbeaten (just).

Maybe the new plan is we score 10 you can get 9 a la Newcastle back in the day. Sort out the defence and I would feel confident of promotion, even with Bruce as manager. Guys he is going nowhere ......... for now!



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