It's being said that our players are already on the beach. Not sure I go along with that; the absolutely flat performances we've had of late seems to be simply that's where we're at. And we shouldn't be there.

I don't have great hopes of this one. I'd like Bruce to conjure up some enthusiasm and put out a team which starts to compete in the midfield and going forwards. He should have done that weeks ago. But don't think he will.

I'd stick with the usual back line, but make changes further forwards. If RHM is fit he should play. Jedinak's probably not fit. Something like:


Hutton Chester Baker Taylor

Lansbury Hourihane

RHM  Grealish Bacuna


Wonder if the Doc will turn up.

Any thoughts?

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To be honest I think the fans are also flat after watching what's unfolded this season, again.

Like your good self I cant see him making any major changes, such as giving some kids with passion ago.

I would like us to beat Brighton just to at least give us a flicker of hope on the curtain closing of another average season, yes better than the last few seasons but shocking after what we have spent.

on another better note, congrats to Aston Villa away fans coming out as the top following supporters of the EFL  beating Leeds (2) Newcastle(3) to boot. Also twice as many Villa fans watch Villa away than

our shadow cousins who stole the city's name so the country would know who they were and came from.

Well done all, if only our players would take note on what they are actually playing for.

Thank God it's the last game, my only hope now is that we have a good clear out in the summer. I am sure some of the players I like will go and some I don't rate will stay because they had a good day in training once in November and turned up early at 9.30 one day.

We need surgery, drastic surgery, I am sure there are many fans like me who have run out of enthusiasm for the club after these last 10 (?) years.

If much smaller clubs can gain promotion what the hell are we playing at after all the money pumped into the team?

Annoying thing is that I don't think the money spent was daft; we needed to replace a lot of the old guard and by and large we spent on what appeared to be good players. Bedding them in shouldn't have taken this long. The McCormack problems haven't helped, but even so it's been the midfield mainly where we seem unable to put in dominant performances.

Latest injury news; Jedinak, Gabby, Green, RHM and Hutton all out. So looks like Bree and probably Adomah will be playing.

Flabby injured, no, are you sure, thats not like him. Mind he did play part of two games recently.

What a f***ing joke he is, taking the pi$$ to the very end, hope its not too serious and doesn't spoil his summer holiday.

Turned his ankle in training, apparently.

Somewhat better performance, mainly due to playing Lansbury and Hourihane in their natural positions. At least the players didn't look as though they were already on the beach. Grealish is getting a taste for goals, all to the good. Unfortunately, overall we're not slotting them in like we need to be.

Mixed end to a very mixed season.



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