Who would be in your British top 10 P4P

1. Carl Froch. Fought more top fighters than any other Brit around and only has 1 debatable loss to a top figter in Kessler on his record.


2. David Haye. 2 weight world champion and could beat Wlad


3. Amir Khan. Future world P4P top 3 fighter but just not had the fights to justify being top and McCloskey won't do that for him.


4. Ricky Burns. I think most of this top 10 are more talented than him but he has proved he can handle the step up to world title fights the rest have not done that yet. His win over Martinez was excellent but his 2 defences have been poor against poor fighters.


5. Nathan Cleverly. Britains next world champ.


6. Kell Brook. Waiting on a world title shot but looks to have it all to push up the world P4P list and hope a big fight with Khan is down the line when Kell establishes himself as world class.


7. John Murray. Needs a big fight soon or is going to go stale. But looks the part.


8. Mattew Macklin. Don't think Matthew is good enough to win a world title but has done well with what he has.


9. Ryan Rhodes. Deserved the title shot that Matthew Hatton got but wouldn't have faired much better than Matthew.


10. James Degale. If this was on sheer talent alone he would be top 2

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I would have Khan ahead of David Haye.


Haye has been fighting bums and retirement candidates recently. Khan on the other hand fought a good fighter in Malignaggi in his back yard and a very good fighter, and probably the most powerful at 140, in Maidana.


Haye might have had the better career so far, but his recent slump in quality of opponent moves him down to #3 for me. (Although with Khan fighting McCloskey and Haye fighting Klitschko that will probably swing)


And if the p4p list was on sheer prat level, Degale would be top 1!

Degold may be a prat but he is very talented. Haye was atop cw and has had a few more top level fights but their is no doubt Amir is more talented

Degold might be a prat but he has been very impressive. I can see what you mean about Khan and Haye but Haye was a top cw

It's a good list but I really rate James 'Chunky' DeGale much higher than 10th.


1. David Haye

2. Amir Khan

3. Carl Froch

4. James DeGale

5. Ricky Burns

6. Nathan Cleverly

7. Ryan Rhodes

8. Kell Brook

9. Matthew Macklin

10. John Murray

I rate Degold very highly I left Rendall Munroe out for him



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