Let's hope we have a good day today, it is about time we tonked someone! With all our fire power it is a crying shame that we do not score enough. Let today be the start of our magnificent surge back to the Premier league!!

Well it is Christmas, we all get one wish!

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Team: Bunn Hutton Chester Baker Amavi Adomah Jedinak Gardner Bacuna  McCormack Kodjia

Bench: Gollini Elphick Westwood Gabby Grealish Ayew Gestede

So Bunn is again preferred to Gollini and Grealish is on the bench. Not sure about either of these.

Scrappy again, but 3 points, top half, 3 points off the play offs and finally above the blues for a day at least.

Goal for McCormack, I hope that sets him off, we will need his goals next month.

We will need to be better at Leeds.

Yes, Leeds will be a much stiffer test than Burton and Burton were the best team today! To be honest, we still haven't played well under Bruce. Yet we have 24 points in 12 games - through not playing well!

Brucie says that the football will get better. At the moment we are grinding and scraping out results. Brucie is carrying us through to the transfer window. Getting us into position so to speak.

But to be honest, Villa were poor today (and I was there). We need changes against Leeds, with Cardiff only four days after that. Grealish and Ayew should come into contention. Hopefully McCormack will benefit from that goal today.

This side won't get us to the play-offs. The glaring problem is too weak in midfield; we don't control matches. Pretty obvious Bruce knows the problem. Let's hope we can nick a win off Leeds to get us to the transfer window. Be interesting to see how Bruce plays it. Too defensive and it lets them take control, which would be fatal.

Full marks to both Bacuna and McCormack in getting their goals. Massive.

Spot on. We are unable to take a grip and control the game via midfield. We are really missing Idrissa Gueye and it's a mystery why Tshibola isn't playing. Now Gardner looks to be out. I suspect the useless Westwood will be in for Leeds now. Let's hope Brucie can plug that gap in the window.



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