Can Sherwood lead his band of Villans from the Forest,

The day is nearly upon us, will there really be a Sherwood Affect?

News from within the squad is that apparently the place has been "electric" and everyone is "up for it"... Whilst I welcome the comments coming from the the club, I also view them with a little trepidation. For a start all the players are going to want to butter up Sherwood to get a starting place, look at Shay Given's shameless sucking up in the press this week. I expect Westwood will have a brown stained nose on the weekend...

Without wanting to put a damper on it, we where always told that the squad was training well, where together and behind Lambert. 

Never-the-less we start this weekend a fresh, as a club looking to move up the league not preparing for the Championship. I don't care if its just a new manager bounce or if Sherwood really is the long term manager the club want him to be, just as long as he gets a performance out of this squad and gets us out of this mess.

So I've been looking through Sherwood's brief time in charge of Spurs, the stats are there for everyone to see already, but they don't always tell you what you need to know. 

Its been aired that Sherwood plays a 442, that he dislikes Defensive Midfielder and prefers Box to Box types in the middle area, he like the defence to defend and the attack to attack, that he is a loose canon in Press Conferences and Post Match Interviews... But these just don't ring true.

At Spurs his tactics where mixed, he picked teams and formations designed to attack the weaknesses of teams, I'm not telling you this from my analysis, this is what Sherwood and the Spurs fans them selves have said. He is also not adverse to playing a defensive midfielder should the game call for it, many people point to Sandro's exclusion from the Spurs squad as evidence for this, his exclusion was down to a poor attitude in training, Sherwood actually played him toward the end of the season when he sorted that out and the game called for someone like him to play. 

His post match interviews are going to be interesting, but I wouldn't call him a loose canon, he's honest, but he's intelligent enough to know the limits, there's nothing wrong with a little provocation and firing a warning shot over the bows of the squad. He didn't single anyone out, he made a point to those who knew who they where...

So can we improve? Our first team is certainly not one that should be struggling at the bottom of the league, there is quality throughout the spine of the team, it's just a case of getting them all firing at the same time, with self belief and hard work...

I'm going to second guess Sherwood now and see what happens.


Hutton Vlaar Clark Cissoko

Sinclair Delph Sanchez Gil

Gabby Benteke

I'd prefer Bacuna on the left wing and Gil in behind Benteke, but I think with a Stoke defence struggling for players and have very little pace Sherwood will look to exploit the situation. Sanchez and Delph are certainly not going to be intimated in midfield and Sinclair and Gil's pace and trickery on the wings will cause problems all day long. The defence should pick it's self. Given, it's a tough, but Guzan has been very quiet this week and Given does bring experience behind the defence and performed well in the cup.

I'd be worried about Given if Stoke still pounded the box with high balls because he doesn't come out and command a box, but the way stoke play now I still don't think there aren't many who can match Given for reaction saves.

Come on you Villa boys give us something to shout about!!!

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Hoping for the best, we need to see a reaction.


I am surprised you think that Given will start. I know they were mates and all, but i don't think that will happen.

i also do not think that Sinclair will start.

I also think that Westwood, if fit, is an absolute cert for a starting position, as he is exactly the type of midfielder that Sherwood likes; one that keeps things ticking over in the middle, without ruffling too many feather defensively or attacking (just look at the immediate promotion of Benteleb in his time at Spurs for proof of this).

i reckon the team will be


Hutton Vlaar Clark Cissohko


Bacuna               Delph


Gabby Benteke

Its an interesting time Umma, think everyone is seeing something slightly different in Sherwoods... We'l all know by Saturday what his thoughts are.

I'd be happy enough with either of those teams... just as long as they perform!!!

Come off it, Given's shameless sucking up? Struck me that was what he honestly thought, and in line with what you'd expect.

Sherwood knows what Given can do, but he knows Guzan's reputation and I think Guzan will get the nod for this one. I wouldn't be surprised to see Westwood play, or Bacuna. I think Sinclair may start on the bench, as last Sunday was the first proper match he's played for a long time.

Big question mark over Gabby. Sherwood's been looking at past matches and may have a reasonable idea of what Gabby does, and what he doesn't. Sherwood knows what he wants and Gabby may not be the player to do it.

i would be very surprised if Sherwood is the first manager out of the last four/five that thinks that Gabby is not an integral part of the team.

I understand that he has been woeful this season, but there haven't been that many that have distinguished themselves, especially in front of goal.

Also did i not hear somewhere that Sherwood specifically mentioned Gabby was 'electric' in training.

Indeed it could be viewed that Gabby is the striker that Sherwood can work his Adebayor-esque wonders on. I wouldn't mind that at all!

Benteke may just need a little coaxing to get back to his normal self… while Gabby is the one that needs the TLC. 

K Mac is back good appointment by Sherwood knows the club inside out.

I expect and attacking line up and since we are at home wont be surprised if he goes for something like this


                                                    Hutton        Vlaar         Clark              Aly

                                            Bacuna              Delph      Cleverly      Sinclair

                                                                 Weiman        Benteke

with the likes of Gill Grealish Westy Gabby on the bench


Great to see KMac back, this Sherwood geezer looks the bollocks he has coaches, assistants and everything. Genius!!!!

we even have a performance analyst! god forbid - will that mean Cleverly never actually attempts a pass forward ever again, lest his pass completion stats fall…..

was actually funny in the FA Cup game, Robbie Savage slating him for his backwards and sideways passing. well funny in a ha ha way, of course. 

I too am glad K Mac is back. He had the reserves playing some adventurous stuff, what we've been lacking since throughout the club. A good appointment.

Sherwood's looking astute in his appointments.

Talk of both Westwood and Cleverly being dropped, in favour of Delph and Sanchez in the middle. 

Team: Guzan Hutton Vlaar Clark Richardson Gil Delph Sanchez Sinclair Gabby Benteke

Bench: Given Okore Cissokho Westwood Bacuna Cleverley Weimann

So, Richardson in for Cissokho, Guzan in for Given (expected that), none of Bacuna, Westwood or Cleverley start, surprises me a bit.  Plenty of pace down the wings.

Whatever, come on lads. Give us a win!

Great header from Sinclair 1-0 come on the Villa!!!



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