Great vibes at the moment. Dean Smith seems to be the real deal and the lads are really buying into his approach. Another test at Baggies, who on the face of it are doing quite well but they do seem to have the odd stutter.

If we can keep things going, going forwards for 90 minutes, then it's going to take something to stop us. A glitch is always possible, but I'm feeling strangely optimistic about this one. The lads won't want the momentum to stop.


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I too am optimistic about this we are playing as well as we have over the last 10 years and will fill the ground again every week if it continues.

I cannot see Yam yams having enough to beat us although once again it could be high scoring as we will have to score most and that is around 3 or 4 to win it. Although who would have thought we could go to Boro and win 0-3 ?

As previously stated - 'Results Matter' but does that mean we have to live with dire performances ?

Of course not this Smith guy is like a breath of fresh air - something we have waited years to see - attractive football & scoring more than we concede !

From here things will get even better - a squad that is allowed to play football but we still need some defenders - what we have are really turning up - even Whelan !

As most I am totally optimistic & really enjoying these good old days of watching my 'team'


What an overall disappointment, how long is this backward game going to resist video replay? It works in cricket and rugby plus Hawkeye in tennis so why not football.

Good game if Tammy had been on form we would have won easily, onwards and upwards to the next game.

Heart says disappointed. Head says we're doing pretty well; we've averaged nearly 2 points a game since Dean arrived, and that's automatic promotion form. 7-8 points over the next 4 games are we're still on track, and we could do better than that. We need to only because of the dire start to the season under Bruce.

Great to watch, and some new hero every week. El Ghazi looks sheer class as an attacker; we'll forgive him for not understanding defence!

We need some improvements still; Tammy gets chances he ought to take, Bolasie is good taking on defenders but his end product isn't great. But those things can be sorted. And the odd carefully chosen addition in January should improve things. Onwards and upwards.

A point gained or two points lost? Both, really. Stoke have had a bit of a relegation hangover, but on Saturday it looked as though they've put that behind them. The team is full of familiar names from the PL, and there's a lot of experience in there. They also have players who can make a difference up front. In all, a big test.

A point was probably a fair result. The two mistakes by our full backs cost us, on the other hand a couple of cracking saves by Nyland kept the score down. At the other end, we finally found a way through to draw level, showing good skill and resilience up front. Without Jack our midfield engine was somewhat laboured; maybe bringing Whelan in instead wasn't the best move.

For me, we're not going to win every match and that was one where a draw was reasonable. I've a feeling Leeds won't be as difficult, but then I'm usually wrong about these things!



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