Honest to God I don't care if we only have 4 games left (3 after today) I'm sick of his teams. There's no creativity, no vision, no thinking towards next season, no excitement. I'd sooner see Brian Little be manager for 3 games than have another one of Eric Black's bu***hit lineups.

     At least half of this team don't want to be playing for Villa next season so WHAT IS THE POINT IN PLAYING THEM?! This will be one of the first times where I won't bother trying to watch the game as there is nothing in that to make me want to watch. 

Black doesn't want to be permanent manager so maybe he's just thinking f**k it doesn't matter what happens we'll stick with these idiots and I'll be on my way as soon as possible. Hope someone runs onto the pitch and smacks him in the face. Twat.

No Green in the matchday squad. Lyden, Grealish, Veretout, Gil and Gestede all of whom should be starting. Sick of the same b*****ks every week from this clown. Cheers Black, you've actually made me start falling out of love with my club. 


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He won't be here much longer. Who's on the bench? Can't find it.

Southampton 2-0....

... and then WE SCORE A GOAL! Westwood. Feels like winning a cup.

From the commentary sounds as though our attack is trying. Just the defence is as crap as we've come to expect.

Elsewhere, in the Championship, Derby and Sheffield Wednesday draw 1 each. Bent scores for Derby, Bannan for Wednesday. Nice to be reminded we used to have players who could do things. Or is it?

Given that our defence will make mistakes regardless, why not go for attacking players that will score you goals? Taking off Ayew after he'd been best player yet leaving on Bacuna & Sinclair? Is he having a laugh? 

Mistakes from Bacuna, Richards, Lescott were astounding. How are these guys professional footballers? Could've parked a lorry in between Lescott & Long there was that much space. 

I'd rather we bring in Suliman than play Lescott again. At least the kid will learn from 3 games in the Prem. Tell Lescott he will have a weight off his shoulders as he'll be going on early holiday.

I get your point it would be nice to get some kids on but these D..ks don't deserve to get away with not playing in front of us. That would suit most of them fine.

Send them out their for the humiliation they deserve.

Disagree. Whether they play or not they're happy taking whatever stick they get when it's joined by £50k. People need to get over the fact we're relegated and look to the future. There's no point in hanging players out to dry that will be gone in July when we could be using this time to get some prospects into the first team and valuable experience to help us get back up asap. It's not going to be a piece of cake next year so the sooner we get some younger players blooded the better.

Black said when asked about fans booing sub 'I make decisions based on 37 years in football' i.e f**k their stupid opinions. Such a discord between these players, interim and the fans it's disgraceful. 

The atmosphere at games remains very, very toxic and that is the fault of Eric Black. He is picking teams to try to hold onto a 0-0 and picking players who should never play for the club again. While we have Guzan, Lescott, Richards and Bacuna in the team, of course they will be crucified by the fans. Also, obviously with those disgraces on the pitch, we will also continue to lose.

We are already down and their is absolutely no point in not going for it. Why the hell are players who have disrespected the club and been ridiculously poor, still being played? Why are we not playing the likes of Grealish, Gil and Traore and trying to attack, trying to lift spirits and trying to get the fans behind the team? Where are the kids? We will need them next season and we will not be needing the other muppets. We are blowing a huge chance to blood some youngsters and get a new mood into the club.

Eric Black needs to shut up about the atmosphere at games being difficult. The imbecile is completely responsible for it. Play a f***ing team that WANT to play for Villa, go on the attack and run about with passion and we will raise the roof. Bloody idiot!
I get everyone's point about " not playing kids OR! players who might be here next sesason' but let's be truthful here were Sh...t simple as that Sh...t. THEY JUST CAN'T DO IT! it's not even their fault anymore.
They are simply not capable of doing it FULL STOP!!

Don't get me started on the young players, we haven't produced ENOUGH!!! Young players who are possible starters. That's WHY!!! Sherwood, Garde and Black haven't bloody well picked them.

I'd clear that academy right now of the incompetent blood suckers " LEGENDS!!!" who have lived as so called" coaches for OVER TWENTY YEARS!! That's we're we should be starting next season. The very bottom!!!

He did have Toner on for the second half, which is good. Probably using the kids as second half substitutions is the best way of doing it at the moment; gives them experience rather than feeling the full force of the toxic atmosphere.

I think what Black is trying to do is improve the basics. To an extent he's succeeding, in that we didn't give up and we maintained a reasonable threat, even when behind. Ashley Westwood nearly on a hat-trick; wow!!! But today just emphasised how utterly bad our "experienced" players are; Richards, Lescott, Guzan, Bacuna I'm looking at you. Maybe that's not a bad thing.

Is it possible they are not playing the ones they want to keep so no other team realises they are decent and tries to buy them? Instead, play the ones the club wants to get rid of in the hope they put in a good performance and someone takes a punt on them. Probably not...
We could be stuck with these bad players, let's face it after the way they have played this season you would have to be mad to sign them.

Our only saving grace seems to be a 50% cut in wages.

There aren't many crumbs around at the moment but and I never thought I would say it, Westwood may just reach his level in the Championship and be a good player for us, lowton seems to be doing ok down there.

As to sacking Black, I say go for it he is really an idiot.

Think I've got to the point where what happens in these final matches just doesn't matter. Black's only standing-in; somebody's got to do it. Kevin Mac didn't do any better. What matter's is getting a new owner, getting a new manager, sorting out the club structure, and above all sorting out the squad for next season. Can't wait.

A thought has struck me though. Newcastle fans hate us for the way we sent them down last time they were relegated. I hope it doesn't happen again; they really would be bitter. Might be best if we lost that one. It might help if they were definitely up or down by then.

Don't get why he doesn't drop the players who are getting crucified ,yes some justified, for the sake of the club in general.

This team has had a chance to bleed in the youngsters to see if they could be ready for an assault on the championship,like an early pre season start bonus.

What has he got to lose?

Starting to get my head more around the idea of Pearson than any other name mentioned now as we need a strong leader. It's just getting more stale even after relegation was confirmed.



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