All to please F1 fans until the new season starts.


I'm beginning to get withdrawal symptoms. I've been playing F12010 on the PC to make up for the loss of live racing action from the go-karts.


This season i expect it much to be like last season. Red Bull too fast for everyone. Just remains to be seen if Vettel and Webber can actually be team mates for once and not crash in to each other.


They keep out of each other's way, and it should be an easy 1-2 in the racers championship.


Red Bull should easily take the constructors championship, with Ferrari 2nd and McClaren 3rd.

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Really looking forward to seeing whether these new tyres are all that they say - did you see that piece where Martin Brundle was suggesting we could see 3-4 stops a race due to planned wear? Love it, let's hope it's true!


Ticking down, only 2 weeks now, and thank goodness we are now going to be starting at a proper track rather than a desert delight.



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