What do we think guys? Greek probably expects us to win 8-0. I'd settle for a scrappy 1-0, who plays up front? Dear god please not Gabby.

We need to find a way to play without Kodjia for a month and still score. I'd have RHM on the bench, give him 30 mins if we are level or ahead. McCormack would be my choice, but probably Gestede I expect.

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Reckon RHM won't appear unless he signs the offered contract. Think Bruce is right about this. RHM is mistaken if he thinks he can be the one to dictate his future when he's yet to prove anything.

Kodjia will be a miss, but Cardiff are no great shakes. It's a chance for some players to make a mark. I hope they take it.

Got to be a win, I agree with McCormack he has had a raw deal so far, he's a proven goal scorer and needs a run in the team. I also agree that RHM should be involved in some way.

Grealish must play from the start and like McCormack get a long run.

I also agree Flabby should be left behind but I suspect Brucie will include him somewhere much to my great disappointment.

It's a must win I'll go for 0-2

On a side note, I'm watching the Boro/ Leicester game. Adama Traore, might do something special now, but 37 mins in and he looks a bit of a luxury.

We have been really poor in the first half, should be 4 or 5 down (only 1 is a god send).

Tshibola needs his chance now and Brucie needs a Fergie style hairdryer session.

Can't lose games like this, we need to win today.

We really need to go and get Jordan Rhodes from Boro. We can't go the whole of this month without JK, with only McCormack upfront, god forbid we have to rely on Gabby. He is on for the 2nd half now with Tshbola hopefully we can get back in the game.

Maybe Bruce is finally realising that the midfield is nonexistent, taking off Westwood and Gardner who shouldn't be there in the first place........but Flabby really?
Well done everyone that was truly sh1te

Greek will be off on one again LOL.

Tshibola did well in the second half, should get more game time now I would hope. But Gabby come on (though he did have 2 good efforts), we need to move on from him.

Bruce has some big decisions to make now. It is as we know the midfield that is the BIG problem.

On a side note, Blues LOL, the Zola bounce!

My expectations Bosco were to see us at least pushing for a play off place not 18pts adrift of automatic promotion with over half of the season gone & our best chance player of scoring a goal now missing for 5 weeks !

Another shocking performance which included 3 players who should have been long gone - Brucie says he can afford to let Gestede go to Boro cos we have 5 centre forwards ??? to give us cash for a midfielder

while he's at it how about a right back & at least one forward who knows where the net is ?

Fact is, after spending £60m and bringing in 9 players, aswell as releasing 14-15 players who weren't up to it, we are still not good enough. It's that simple. What of those 9 players? Well, only 3 of them start today and the likes of the useless and toxic Agbonlahor and Bacuna, and the simply useless Westwood and Hutton are STILL in the team. With that lot featuring heavily it's no surprise that we are going down to organised and physical Championship teams. We could all predict that.

We've turned both McCormack and Ayew into poor players and for all the continued hype, Grealish hasn't done a lot either. The midfield is pitiful, lacking any creativity, drive, assists or goals. Hopefully Brucie has now realised that Tshibola is at least a better bet than Westwood, Gardner or Bacuna. In fact, I'd like to see Sanchez and Veretout recalled from loan (along with Gil).

Maybe if and when we can add some creativity and guile into the team, we might start scoring more goals because our goals return is shocking at this level. Look at what we have spent here; Kodjia (£15m with add ons), McCormack (£14m with add ons), Ayew (£8m), Gestede (£6m), Adomah (£6m). And we are in the Championship!! Is it just the lack of service from the midfield or have we spent very, very poorly?

Brucie now has the January window to bring in some of his own men, to hopefully make a difference. He must be given time. He is a vastly experienced and successful manager. That's not even an argument.

Today, we really missed both Kodjia and Jedinak. You look at the starting 11 plus the bench and you wonder just where the goals are coming from. In fact, the starting 11 had just 9 goals between them, all season. I fear for Villa without Kodjia and at the moment, it even seems like folly to be selling Gestede.

On we go though and it's Spurs reserves next, in the cup. If we could only get a result, it would mean at least we have one less game to get by without Kodjia.

Reckon the overall problem is simpler. The midfield has to be the engine of a team, and that's the one area which we didn't significantly improve in the summer. Jedinak is turning into a good buy (but wasn't available against Cardiff), but is still only a slight improvement over Sanchez. Tshibola has promise, but is still learning. So we end up playing Westwood and Gardner, who have now both demonstrated clearly that they're not up for it or up to it.

Otherwise, one of the 9 players we signed is long term out, hence Hutton plays; Hutton ain't great but at least he gives his all, week in week out. I hope Bruce realises that Bunn is not better than Gollini; Bunn is the same as last season, after a couple of decent games errors creep in. Give me Gollini everytime; so long as he has Baker and Chester in front of him he's fine. I think Adomah is doing fine. Reckon we bought McCormack as insurance in case we couldn't get Kodjia; remember we struggled to get players in in the summer. Elphick looks a more limited player than we hoped, but in the summer we didn't know that Baker would come good.

I'd like us to get Rhodes. He would complement Kodjia nicely and would be a better bet than McCormack while Kodjia is away. Apart from that, a couple of midfielders and a defender would make a lot of difference.

One thing worries me; is all well behind the scenes at Bodymoor? It's a strange business when the manager's assistant is a club appointment not the manager's. Is Bruce getting the support he needs, or do others have their own agenda?



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