In my view automatic promotion is gone, I have little hope of us winning this. No idea what team Bruce will play, for sure no kids.

So a 3-0 win to Villa it is then!!!!!!


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Warnock will be pulling out all the stops, and it won't be pretty. Think Bruce will make changes because he's desperate, but the team put out against Norwich was arguably the best currently available, so maybe not a good idea.

Taylor at LB is a disaster waiting to happen, and for that reason I think we'll lose.

I got a feeling Kodjia might start and score. That will give Bruce a big head ache and he won't know what to do in the remaining games. As Hogan has started recently, Grabban has a pretty good record, now Kodjia is coming back.

Well Bruce's solution to that will be to play all three and drop anyone capable of supplying the ball to them, he'll probably play Whelen and Jedi in the middle in the hope of a draw.

I never had a lot of faith in him but now I have none, I can only hope for a play off place and to fluke it through to the Prem.

He is a Dinosaur, roll on the end of the season!

Well, I never thought I'd be saying this, but I half hope we don't get promoted  -  with Bruce, we'd never survive in the Premiership but, if we miss out on promotion, at least there's a good chance Dr. Xia will move him on swiftly and appoint somebody more attuned to modern football.  

If Grealish is our best player, we are in deep trouble.

1-0 Grealish and that’s all he’s done but I suppose it is good enough if we see it out

Isn’t that just typical Villa? Lose to Norwich and beat Cardiff. Still probably play offs but let’s hope this is the start of a good run that takes us up.

Everyone said that they don't want to face Fulham, well we might not have to !!

Great goal from Jack, we are so infuriating. After beating Wolves we slump and now do Cardiff.

Nothing changes, play offs it is. Will be exciting if nothing else!

Surprised our make-shift defence stood up to Cardiff. But it did. Great shot and well deserved by Jack.

At least it puts to bed the bad vibes from the Norwich game. We're still in there!



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