3 o clock kick off WOW!!

I think it will be a draw, but we will see.

Gabby is most certainly a shitty, shit player and should be nowhere near the first team.

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Don't think we should be overawed by Cardiff's "tough" reputation. They really aren't very good, and with players like Terry and Whelan in the team then they won't intimidate us. My one regret is that Grealish won't be playing to further annoy Warnock. I sense that, even after the slightly disappointing draw against Hull, we are better and more resilient than last season. I'll stick my neck out and say we'll win.

Reckon Bruce will play a very similar team to last Saturday. No Bacuna obviously, so a chance for Bjarnason, Green or somebody else. Think he'll still play Gabby and Hogan, unless Hogan hasn't recovered from Wednesday. 0-2 to us.

Hope we do ourselves justice just hope we can match Cardiffs's tough reputation and if Hogan and Gabby play up front again let's see if they can get some kind of understanding going .

My forecast 1-2 to us

I will keep my promise as well

Gabby is shit

Gabby is shit 

Same team as last week except for Onomah for Bacuna, we'll miss hime like a boil on your ar**

Got to be optimistic at this stage of the season and say 1-2 to Villa, still can't quite trust us to shut up shop.

Cant see any understanding developing with Flabby and Hogan, Flabby probably thinking who's this?

Think Bruce ought to stick another striker on the bench, Davis or RHM. Hope he's not relying on Samba!

HT losing 1-0, good time for our good half of football. must be 2-1 to the Villa by the end!!

Who said it last week? Same old same old losing 2-0
3-0 great start Bruce, do you know what you're doing?

Social Media (I'm not looking on Twitter LOL), will now be full of "Bruce Out" quotes.

But who do we replace him with?

I agree that with this squad we should be doing better and should most definitely finish top 6. But who is out there who can turn this bus around?

Reality bites, Gabby is shite and we are doomed.

Over to you Doc!

Who's out there?  Loads. Pardoe, Warburton, Allerdyce to name the obvious suspects, but there are plenty of up and coming managers who could be worth a punt, not to mention bods from abroad.

Full credit to Cardiff; they closed down fast and had some very good sharp forwards. However, for me the critical fact is the stats; they had 15 shots of which 12 were on target and we had 10 (not a bad number) of which 1 was on target (Adomah). Not hard to see who was going to win.

Kodjia may be out for some time yet. Which leaves Gabby and Hogan as our only senior strikers. Without someone else we're sunk.

Of Bruce's January signings, only Johnstone (loan) and Taylor can be said to be a success. I think Bruce has just a bit more time, but we need real positives by the end of this month. I don't think the Dr, will wait for too long.

McP - we have over the last few years had some very good managers & some shite ones who have been unable to change the fortunes of this once great club,

Bruce came with impeccable qualifications for getting teams promoted from one of the most demanding leagues in Europe - he really has failed miserably - nobody can explain why ! - I have never been a Bruce fan but I think now that the Doc should really be pressurising him to change his outdated views on football - no positive results then no pay ! - yes I know not really an option ! but a management change isn't either in my view - how about playing with 5 forwards - attack is the best form of defence !

Flabby is useless - Hogan is not a 1 forward player - young forwards are showing promise but are  long way off being  regular goalscorers - without Kodjia we are well & truly stuffed - maybe Samba could play like an old fashioned centre forward he is certainly big enough.

Never been a Bruce enthusiast; I think his track record is vastly over-rated. He's got teams promoted but got them relegated as well. He's walked out of a number of clubs before the day of reckoning. Possibly only with his time with Blues did he have some relative success. His time with us has been too much like his time with Sunderland; changeover of players with very little to show for it.

I was hoping he could in fact do it with us. Maybe we'll turn Reading over and have a good run to the end of the month. My feeling is that there's too much wrong to get the success we want. Part of it is needing the squad balance to be corrected, which isn't easy under FFP, But having a good enough manager would be a start.

You got it right earlier Mac when you said we needed another striker on the bench, it all goes to mindset. Bruce is far too cautious, build a strong defence, something he, based on today has failed to do.

Faith in Flabby is misplaced, Bruce has to sign another goal scorer or promote one or more of the kids.

All in all we can't wait for better times, the Doctor will have to decide whether to stick or twist very soon.



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