Carlos Tevez throws his toys out of the pram, in the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson

We thought the whole poster thing had blown over, Carlos Tevez did something unwise and his club apologised. Manchester United thanked them for the quick apology and that was that.

Erm, no.

Carlos Tevez has had something to say on the matter and hasn't held back. He's quoted by Ole as saying "It seems that Ferguson is the President of England because every time he speaks ill of a player or says terrible things about me, nobody demands he apologise."

That's not all, he continued "When you make banter or a joke, you have to to apologise. But I do not apologise."

Great Carlos, I bet Manchester City are thrilled you've carried it on. In honesty, City fans probably will be because it carries on a bit of rivalry and it's sure to make Manchester United supporters hate him that little bit more.

Tevez also hinted towards the England and Argentina Falklands conflict by saying "It was an honour to be with Pablo (Zabaleta) and Kun (Aguero), to win the title, more so with the problem we have with England."

Perhaps he's just on an eternal wind up of the football fans of Manchester and we all miss the comedy value. 

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