Catalan press fall over themselves to praise Celtic support and 'bravehearts' on the pitch

Usually if Barcelona take a beating the Catalan press is packed full of conspiracy theories, it's never simply down to the other side doing better and deserving the victory. The referee is usually the main target for criticism but the opposing team is almost exclusively accused of being anti-football and cheating their way to a win. There's no class involved at all and they won't think twice about tearing into supporters, coaches and players of teams who beat them.

Therefore it was a nice, if unexpected, change to see that the Catalan press today aren't picking up their pitchforks and running in the direction of Glasgow, they are actually taking a defeat with good grace. Of course the defensive side of Celtic's play is mentioned but rather than the usual accusations of parking the team coach in front of the Barcelona goal, it's referred to as The Celtic Rock.

Mundo Deportivo say:

'Braveheart' Against Barca

Barca was the guest of honour at the birthday party of Celtic, born on November 6, 1887, 125 years and one day before the third visit of Barca in Champions League at Celtic Park. It is hard to imagine that this team, with the support of the fans, lose games in this old and beloved stadium.

The Scottish public, always beside his team unconditionally, learned to behave well with exquisite courtesy from the first minute. Even before the start when the players entered the pitch they heard the applause of the audience that almost filled the stands of Celtic Park.

The atmosphere was special: 60,000 plastic sheets green and white formed a mosaic with the club badge behind the goals and the legend "125 CELTIC" on the sides, with a brutal screaming that covered the anthem of the Champions League. They did not stop jumping, singing and shouting. This people pushes their team. And there is a legend: the stadium literally shakes.

It was the 'Celtic Festival'.

Sport joined in and labelled the team a 'Celtic Rock'. Barcelona and their supporters have been very impressed with the Scottish club and they've received the rare distinction of not being hammered by the Catalan press for having the temerity to beat Barcelona. 

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