Michael Essien got to wear white but his wife-to-be will have to wait. 


Michael Essien, on loan at Real Madrid, was due to travel back to England today to get married in a long planned ceremony taking place in Weybridge. Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo say the midfielder was going to fly over to England after Real Madrid's match yesterday and was expected to be joined by La Liga team mates and manager Jose Mourinho.

Chelsea players were also going to attend as well as other stars from the football world, but none of that is happening now thanks to someone cutting electrical wires at Rayo Vallecano. The match couldn't go ahead due to a lack of lighting and has been re-arranged for tonight, leading to the cancellation of Essien's wedding. 

The police have been called in to investigate what happened last night at Rayo Vallecano's ground, Real Madrid were left very unhappy with the situation and Rayo have released photographs showing that wires were cut, and have explained there simply wasn't enough time to get the repairs done.

Those are being worked on today and there should be no danger to the game taking place later. However, for Essien it's quite an inconvenience and his wife-to-be is no doubt not too impressed with the situation. 

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