Chelsea's Didier Drogba wants to stay at Chelsea and won't leave England, says his agent

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba will be staying at Chelsea beyond this season if he gets his own way according to his agent. 

Thierno Seidy is in today's L'Equipe newspaper and extracts have been picked up by TMW "Didier's intention is still to finish his career at Stamford Bridge. He is currently negotiating with Chelsea a renewal and we will take stock of the situation before the end of the season. I think what he's doing now in a Chelsea shirt will lead the management of the club to make further assessments."

Reading in-between the lines it seems the striker wants to stay but hasn't been offered a deal or hasn't been offered one which he finds acceptable. On current form, you'd have to think the club would be mad to let him leave for nothing.

Seidy went on to say "Didier loves Chelsea and wants to stay, but if the situation does not complete as expected, he is ready to leave the club. This time we are able to decide for ourselves because of the expiring contract. Didier is master of his destiny. We have a lot of offers from around the world, but one thing is certain Didier will play next season in England, with Chelsea or with another club."

At this point it's fair to point out that some outlets are quoting the agent as saying he would stay in England if he left Chelsea, and some are quoting him as saying that he wouldn't. Such is football.

Drogba was heavily linked with a move to China and his wife was in the country a few weeks back - read our story - the family wanted to feel settled before making a move. She'd been looking at property and schools for their children.

One of the reasons Drogba was considering the option was that the coach Jean Tigana and his staff were French and so would help any language difficulties. New coach Anelka is of course French himself but now Tigana and his staff have been edged aside, the club doesn't look like a secure option for the Chelsea striker.

As the grass on the other side looks less green, Drogba looks set to stay put. 

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