Chelsea star reveals how his Tupperware missions help those struggling

The economy in the UK has had its own struggles over the last few years but the situation hasn't been quite as bad as in Spain where unemployment has soared to a current level of 26.9%. There's been a lot of recent talk about the disconnect between football and what's happening in reality, something which has peaked since Real Madrid paid around €100m for Gareth Bale and gave Cristiano Ronaldo an eye watering contract to make him the world's best paid footballer. 

On the back of this there's been a growing trend in asking footballers about the economy and trying to get their opinion on whether it's true that those at the top of the profession are hopelessly out of touch. The latest one to be faced with the awkward line of questioning is Chelsea's Thibaut Courtois, currently on loan at Atletico Madrid.

He was speaking to El Mundo and he passed the test with flying colours explaining how he and his team mates try and do what they can for those they know are struggling.

"Sure! People see what's going wrong and I, for example, when training in Calderon, I always see a guy at a traffic light next to the stadium and almost all players will give something."

"Always the same guy?"

"Yes, I know him. I give five Euros, or more or less, depends on the day. Sometimes a little more. One day he told me that his wife had to go to the hospital and I gave him more. These things must be done. Or for example if I have dinner downtown and there's spare food, I ask them to put it in Tupperware, you know Tupperware?"

It turns out that Thibaut Courtois has been asking restaurants to put their spare food into plastic containers so he can give it out to those he knows are struggling, such as the guy at the traffic lights. Whilst to the cynic it may seem a little demeaning, at least Courtois is doing something off his own back and trying to help those he feels are in need.

This is probably going to be a growing theme in Spain as the media report more frequently about the disconnect between football and reality. 

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