Chelsea youngster shocks club be saying he's decided to leave this summer

Chelsea's Gael Kakuta has told L'Equipe that he's had enough at the club and wants to leave this summer and return to France. Kakuta signed for Chelsea in 2007 in a controversial move from Lens leading to a transfer ban for the London club, which was later removed on appeal.

He was touted as having the potential to be one the world's best young players but things didn't really work out and Kakuta, now 21 years old, wants to go home and rebuild his career. He's done an interview with the paper version of L'Equipe, and Le Figaro have picked up the following quotes from it:

"My decision is final. This is an important moment of my career. It's better for me to leave the club and find one where I can have matches... I need to play.

"Marseille is a club that I like. In France, Marseille is one, with Lyon and Lille, the three clubs that I'm most happy with."

Chelsea were aware that Kakuta was growing unhappy at the club and was looking for a way but stating it in such a public and definite way will come as something of a shock. If Chelsea had planned to offload him for a decent price then his clear desperation to leave could now reduce that, having the same effect if he's used as part of a deal to take a player from another club.

Kakuta went on loan to Fulham and Bolton in the Premier League but didn't really get many games for either club, he did slightly better on a temporary move to Dijon but he feels the time for loans is now over and a permanent return to France is the best option for him.


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