Thank God for that. A LUCKY escape.


If you want to turn this into an "I Hate Ashley Cole" thread, feel free.

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Just a good job he could move his leg and it wasn't planted, have you heard that Villas Boas complained to the ref after the game?


What - were Ashley's studs dented?

He's asked for a meeting with the ref official because of the offsides. Was going on about the mistakes made by the linesman and saying they have to do their jobs, he then dismissed the Torres miss as one of those things.
Told you, all started by Geoff Shreeves questioning. When asked about the game -before Geoff brought up the offside- Andre didn't even mention the refs.

It's got nothing to do with Shreeves. AVB will have watched the game afterwards and is basically making excuses, as all managers do, and trying to deflect blame from his teams faults in the game and a certain open goal miss.


I expect more managers to talk about speaking with refs. It's a way of saying 'the ref was shite, it's unfair' without getting into trouble. 

Presumably the Premier League/FA will come down hard on Villas Boas for his remarks re the ref - but then again don't hold your breath.
Well if they do he'll just point to what Dalglish said and get off the hook....

To be honest, I had a perfectly healthy hatred of Cashley long before this incident...Anyone else getting deja vu here? Avram Grant complained about ref decisions after the game at OT that season he was in charge at SB. He said "there were 3 key decisions in the game and they all went United's way". So, let's just ignore Joe Cole's disgusting assault on Ronaldo then shall we? A booking for that was an insult - he should have been arrested for assault.


Also, it is much harder to spot an offside in real time than it is to spot a studs-up lunge that is so late that the ball was already out of play when contact was made...But let's not let common sense ruin a bunch of perfectly sour grapes!


Great to hear that Hernandez is ok!

Nani's was offside, but rather than complaining to the referee, he need to look at how piss poor his defence was for it. Nani gained no advantage for his half a yard offside because he had to run back. To beat 4 players and score a goal from 20 odd yards out is mental. AVB needs to look at his defence not linesman for explanations.



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