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always turn to our targets.
They're welcome to him. I do think he's a good player but not what we really need. So who's next on the list then?

the arrogants among some city fans is amazing though.

Utility player lol.

Right. And just yesterday we supposedly were the ones having third party discussions.
Silly season indeed. 
Got to admit I'll be pretty gutted if he goes to City. Can't help but think we need him more.
Yeah id be quite annoyed if we dont but a good creative midfielder, its exactly what we need atm.
I just don't see that we are in for him... what can he do for us?... he isn't strong enough to play in a 4-4-2 as a CM... and if we go 4-3-3 / 4-5-1... I expect SAF will be keen to get Young in that role.
I agree with that, he would be challenging for the same positions as Nani, Valencia and Young, plus Rooney for behind front man or on the left.  you could maybe add Giggs to that list too although he seems to play central more often than not nowadays.

Good player on his day can be brilliant but hard to see him fitting into our system. 


Rather we save our money unless it's dirt cheap (unlikely). 

I don't buy this 'not strong enough' argument. Is Modric a tough guy? Scholes? Is Giggs a hard man? They can all play central midfield in a 4-4-2 no problem. As can Fabregas and he's not exactly built like a boxer.


That said, I don't think Nasri has the defensive ability or discipline to play in that role. Thus, he is not the player we need. If we could get him on the cheap then he would be a great acquisition as he is a great player - just not the one we really need. And if City are interested then that's 'getting him cheap' out the window.

The thing with our team and our preconceptions of a midifeld man to play CM in a 442 is partly down to our style of football and the mentality SAF has put into our team.


There is no doubt we werent the best team in the league last season man for man, but fergie has instilled this solid winning mentality into the team which means our central midfielders,have to be solid and strong and not leave gaps, leavin the wingers and strikers to chip in with goals. When we see a small framed player like modric and nasri we get worried that they wont be able to fit in and play in our system as they would stray forward and not defend. In any other team they would be fine, we just need to get back to the mentality we had with becks, scholes, keane and giggs - where our opponents would score 3 and we would score 4, unfrotunatley modern foootball doesnt allow this

I think 'disciplined' would be a better choice of word than 'strong' in that case.



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