Got asked today by a Man Utd fan whether I would swap our Istanbul night for the title (after some good old banter about our lack of)....


... I said never!!!!!!  Would you?



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I would have thought you"d choose the premiership title as you"ve never won it.Of course that goes for the world club championship too but I could understand giving that one up.

That's why I posted the question to see what others think. 


That Champion's League final was and still is the best match I've ever seen.  I think I went through every emotion during those 2 hours and wouldn't trade that experience for anything.  Still got a long time to witness us winning the title (touch wood).  

Yeah I suppose the emotion and drama would have been like our Bayern win and if you were there it would have been sublime.By the way Id give up this years premiership title for another champions league win.Arf.
Similar but you didn't experience the having to hang on and them missing by milometers at the end.
Nor do you own a Champions League trophy but let us not get into a 606 style squabble!
Quite simply, no!  That was one of the best nights I have experienced and wouldn't swap it for anything.  Also leaves us something to look forward to in winning EPL.


Bayern win wasn't a patch on it Nobby's, NOT A PATCH!

No I would never swap it


I was only 17 at the time so I couldn't really look back at Liverpool's past european glory and at the time the CL felt like a truly elite competition which, to be frank, I felt was too good for us to be competing in the latter stages of (I mean, we had only just pipped Newcastle to 4th the previous season and, player-vy-player, we were nowhere near as good as, for example, Barcelona). With all that in mind it is just too special for me to contemplate swapping.

same here IncREDibles, I was 17 too.  Think I took a week off college after it to recover
I was 24 and was dancing on a pool table and kissing strangers...mainly guys too!
Jess, if you or anyone else want to do an expanded version of this then I'm sure we could really push it.
Is there a way of introducing a voting system where only your "friends" can vote...?  Or just one set of fans, ie Liverpool fans...?  (as to avoid them being buggered up aka 606 style)



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