I do understand this article is not directly related to the game tomorrow against Man Utd and all thing`s been equal we should all be focusing on this game but i do find it fascinating that this topic has not been raised on this board when it has been widely covered on most other Villa boards .

This may be just lazy journalism or plain gossip mongering but the issue in hand keep`s cropping up and that is supposedly Red Bull are preparing a bid for Aston Villa in the new Year . The truth behind this is any one`s guess but what do other fan`s of Villa think of this would they welcome this with open arm`s or would they hope our club`s owner steer`s well clear of selling out to Red Bull . My self i would welcome the sale if it were to happen but there would need to be in place strict term`s regarding Club`s name and Red Bull`s requirement`s as club owner`s moving forward .

The story seem`s to have surfaced that Red Bull was showing a interest in Leeds Utd and then stated that they would rather take over a premiership club they then targeted Everton only to be soundly rebuffed by there owner so there attention`s turned to Villa this i believe has been on going since late October early November and unlike other take over gossip this keep`s on running and running .

My question to other Villa fan`s is can you put me out of my misery and give me a yes / no answer as to is this going to happen and also if a buyer came in for Villa what would they like our Club`s present owner to do .

The game tomorrow i do hope we can beat Man Uttd and in my book there has not been a better time than tomorrow to do this for quite a few season`s .




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Let this drop, there is no way Red Bull will ever take over our club unless there was a guarantee our name stays and they employ a top director of football, I assure you Red Bull would want some form of name change and no top guy would risk his reputation at our club (so they are screwed). On top of this Villa Park would be empty if it was a corporate event instead of match day. Many true Villa season ticket holders would not renew if this was even contemplated (I would drop our 5 tickets without a blink). AVFC is for us not some cheap drinks company trying to make a name for itself. That is the difference between us and many of the top clubs, we are AVFC we support our lads in the good and bad times (especially the bad 8-0 last year Chelsea) all you could hear was we're go'in to win 9-0. Always a good day out with our lot, Red Bull or however else will never replace the passion and support from the real supporters so they can just go S**W themselves.      

I think you are living in the past Rizla m8!
If red bull came in with billions ,as they would it would only be old,old school fans that would complain with a name or ground name change!
Red bull villa park would not bother me if we were buying titles and challenging for champs lge football or the best football players!
We have had chairmen and rich owners and have fallen to a survival club with crap football year on year! I would love a mega rich company like red bull to move us out of this dire time and feel many fans would love it also!
Red bull villa isn't that bad as to be honest, Aston is a dog hole and just an area!
You never here a chant of Aston,Aston so why worry if it has to go!
History is just that and we seem to be living in it,constantly,just ask our rivals who mock us for it!
No m8 for me ,a fan of 40yrs,it's time to drag us out of this time warp,name stadium included, and as I said most fans would go for it!
So Riza I meant Holte end

I agree, I will follow Villa no matter what, be it Red Bull Villa or Aston Villa it is in the blood.

If it means we can compete again rather than just survive then bring it on.

Though I must say that Randy donating 1 million to Acorns was a tremendous gesture.

a) this is a non-story, filling up copy space when required

b) Lerner bought the club because he's an enthusiast, I think he still is and has no intention of selling, at least for a number of years

c) on balance the foreign owners who have come in in recent years have been big trouble.  Only Man C can be thought to have bought success; clubs like Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool were all clubs up at the top.

Looking at the number of rich clubs up at the top, any new outside-financed club is going to struggle to join them, no matter how much money is thrown at them. I'd rather Villa concentrated on improving from within, aming for long-term stability and success. Yes, more money at the right time would be useful. But a Red Bull takeover wanting instant success isn't the answer.

This is the first I have heard of this but my first thoughts are if they came in with big ambitions and went about it in the correct way like the Man city owners I would be very happy. However if they came in and try to do too much too soon it could all go wrong.

I would love to see my club back towards the top of the league and money is the only way in this league to get it done.

Lener and Lambert have to start spending money again because there is a lot of work to be done here either they spend money or give someone else the chance to move this club forward.

I never heard about this either.

I love Villa and I like Red Bull (and Vodka). It might work if we get lots of money.

I'm 33 and I was only a baby when Villa won the European Cup.

We've done nothing mentioning since the Premiership started.

If we end up Red Bull Park it will be worth it if we end up champions again. It's all about money nowadays.

It's better than staying mid-table or worse which could still happen.

The thing about money is that it matters when you spend it. All the big spenders have come in for clubs in a significantly better position than we are. Take Chelsea; Abramovich took over a club already in a decent position due to years of building up under Ken Bates, with a good manager like Ranieri, and some pretty good players. What we need to concentrate on is the building up, not thinking we can buy immediate success with some rich geezer throwing wads of money at us.

Our players aren't great but we've got enough there to keep around mid-table. Our weak spots are glaringly obvious; we need to spend some to move up a level. I put that level as somewhere around where Newcastle are and where Everton were (I think Everton under a new, able manager are moving higher). We don't need to spend mega-bucks but we do need more investment from Randy; my guess is that with the big earners finally off the books and if he sees real progress he'll cough up the cash. If we get to that higher level, that's when we could attract the interest of a big spender, someone who will put in serious money and do it over a number of years, and that's also when it's right for us as a club.

If you want to see the way not to do it, look at Spurs. AVB is not to blame; his overall record is good. The fact is that if you splash out the money on 6 relatively expensive players, all from abroad, what you're doing is going for wholesale rebuilding, and that takes time; they should have written this year off as a rebuilding year. Levy apparently assumed that splashing the cash would earn an instant Champions League place, and that's not how football works.



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