I have just watched live streaming of 2nd half !

Words fail me - if you think that was a point gained rather than 2 points lost then I am watching with not rose tinted specs or even ouzo influenced ! From what I witnessed Blues we far more likely to score

& they played football - please do not suggest we did that ! 

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Didn't see it, did we not hit the bar twice?

Sounds like Onomah was pants after a decent performance last time out and should have been subbed instead of Hourihane?.

Good to have Jedinak back, sounds like he did well?

As I said, I didn't see it, but 1 point is better than 0.

Greek I understand your feelings, but the fact is that we have only lost once in 12. Should we be beating Birmingham, yeah we should, but teams in this league are up and down. Birmingham crushed Cardiff, then lost to Millwall.

We are not there yet, but we are doing better (results wise) than last season.

I'm not defending Bruce, but what do you want? To win every game 3-0? It ain't gonna happen even if Mourinho was manager.

I thought we played much better when Hourihane went off as like many he wasn't in the game. Any of 5 could of come off after 15 mins in to the second half it was that bad.

once Jedi, then Davis came on we looked solid and created chance after chance. Well done to Bruce on that,

Sadly we have to many individual players rather than team players and yet again we look dysfunctional

I have seen most games this season,be it on tv, and I just cant see a good enough team to take us up or even a style of play from the manager yet.

yes it was a point in a league that throws up strange results but come on , Blues were very poor and there for the taking. We played 15 mins only in each half, that is poor..

Bruce doesn't do styles of play. He buys players according to their CVs or his past experience of them, shoves 11 out on the pitch and expects them to work it out.

Me, I'd stick De Laet on at RB, shove Elmo further forwards in place of Snoddy, keep Hutton at LB and swap Whelan for Jedi. Davis up front, and as Kodjia looks like being out shoving Jack in behind him.



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