Could Manchester United have plan to pick up Luka Modric for much less than £30m?

At the beginning of the transfer window we published an article saying that Manchester United would be wrong to pay over £30m for Luka Modric and that they could get the midfielder for less than that this summer. It held the caveat that if other clubs were genuinely willing to go over that amount then Manchester United would, and perhaps should, walk away from the situation and let them get on with it.

Since then there's been no indication that Manchester City are interested and any links with Chelsea have been purely based on what happened last summer rather than any news originating this transfer window. Paris Saint Germain have been linked but they appear to have completed their big signings for the summer in Lavezzi, Silva, and almost Ibrahimovic.

The main club reportedly chasing the Croatian is Real Madrid, with lots of stories in England about interest from the La Liga champions. Indeed, the transfer has been 'within hours' of completion several times and so much has been written about the situation he's odds on to be wearing the famous white kit next season.

But there's a big difference between reported interest and actual interest, and the levels of both. The majority of the reporting has originated in England and Croatia and though the Spanish press have done some of their own stories the vast majority have been re-hashes from one of those two countries.

The Croatian news on the situation is the most interesting because it has contained repeated leaks from the Modric camp. Contracts being agreed, the player setting a deadline, Real Madrid wanting him in the first place.

It became so frequent that one Croatian news outlet got annoyed and decided to publish what they saw as the truth about the situation. Sportski said that a lot of interest was being fabricated by people in Croatia. They claimed Dynamo Zagreb stand to get a cut of the transfer but only if he leaves the Premier League. 

Here's the interesting bit, Zdravko Mamic has been the boss at Dynamo since 2003 and his son, Mario Mamic, is an agent for Modric. Sportski cited a conflict of interest and suggested that there are stories being planted to increase his value and the perception of interest outside the Premier League in the player. Basically, they say a move to Real Madrid or PSG would be more beneficial to Dynamo and subsequently the father of Modric's agent. 

Sportski labelled some of the sums mentioned in relation to a transfer as 'surreal'.

There could be a lot of truth in that, quotes of 45m appeared to be highly inflated for a player who didn't have a great season last time out and who would be 27 just after the start of the season, reducing any sell-on potential. Whenever a big transfer fee is mentioned people bring up over players who have been overpaid for, for example 'Well Andy Carroll cost £35m and Luka Modric is worth more than him', it's a useless comparison given that everyone accepts one was overpaid for. 

Far more reported, and we're just picking this because it's the most stated fee by reports originating in Spain, is that Real Madrid won't pay more than €30m for the player - that's just under £24m. 

It was covered again by AS in Spain yesterday and they were insistent that was the amount. Marca said a higher fee had been agreed but their story had originated in Croatia, hence more scepticism. Today in the Spanish press there is nothing further on any transfer. AS have some quotes from Villas Boas hidden away but Modric isn't one of the main stories by any stretch of the imagination - in either AS or Marca - and if a move was imminent he certainly would be.

The Croatian is expected back at Spurs on Wednesday and the squad are due to go on their pre-season tour at the end of the week. It's an awkward situation for all involved and given the way Modric was affected last season by speculation, it's not one that Daniel Levy can simply brush off. 

For all the talk of demanding a huge fee and more from a club in this country, he may not hold all the cards he did at the beginning of the window. There hasn't been an auction situation and clubs have been happy to hear the Real Madrid speculation without being panicked into a bidding war. 

Levy could say if he doesn't get what he wants then he won't sell but that would leave him with an unhappy player, whose form dropped last season due to interest, who turns 28 at the start of the next campaign. If he's struggled to get £30m+ for him this summer then next summer it would be even harder. 

Andre Villas Boas is building his own Tottenham and will surely want the money from a Modric sale as soon as possible and would have preferred to have a replacement with him in time for the pre-season tour, that now looks unlikely but speed is still important.

Real Madrid interest is at different levels depending who you believe but they haven't signed him and don't appear to be in a huge hurry to do so, it's worth noting that the club have made no official comment on a chase for the player - and officials in Spain usually can't help but drop a hint or two.

If Manchester United put forward a £25m-£28m bid for Luka Modric now then they could have a good chance of getting the player. Sitting back and waiting may have been their plan all along. 



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There is no hope of utd getting Modric on the cheap or any other way for that matter.The reasons are simple Levy has point blank refused to do any deals with utd since the whole berba deal was forced upon him by Fergie. He is not a man that enjoys being rail roaded and is very stubborn when it comes to the market just look at his history he always gets top dollar. The fact is Mod will be forced abroad weather he likes it or not he will have no choice and spurs will get the right price so all speculation involving utd and Mod is just simply gossip.

Erm ........ seems in all this that you have forgotten a few things.

.1 Spurs hold a contract and have no need to sell. They would be delighted by Modric NOT leaving.

.2 If however he does leave Spurs will require a replacement, and at the present it would appear that  even a less experienced replacement will cost £30M. Spurs will expect a profit and so the price stays high. Spurs will also avoid if possible an English club and if they have to sell to one ... guess what ... the price stays high.

.3 If Modric is pushing a move behind the scenes, he will not be deliberately raising his price - Dynamo may, but I think that this is of no moment. Last year Spurs turned down £42M from the blue scum and why should they now drop the price more that £12M after an excellent Euros by the best link man in Europe? Remember; they don't HAVE to sell!

.4 I suspect that you wear red underwear .... that's OK - it's allowed, but you shouldn't let your dreams of a revival of your increasingly clapped-out club to run away with you ....... remember, you are dealing with Dan Levy ....... DAN LEVY!! remember him? He's the man who sold you old slowcoach Carrick and Sulkalot for just under £50M ....... now how are those two doing ............?

'clapped-out club' ? really ! What does that make THFC then?

Anyhow, if you check the record books you'll see "slowcoach Carrick" and "Sulkalot" have picked up more trophies (and played a significant part in doing so) than Spurs have for hmmmmm 50 or so years! it worked out very well thank you.

Remember you are dealing with Manchester United.... MANCHESTER UNITED !!! remember them? They are the team that has dominated the premier league !...... now how is your team doing.....?

Simple answer is "no".

Modric is under a long contract at Spurs that is nowhere near expiring. Daniel Levy has already demonstrated that he won't sell because of pressure from the player and his agent or any club tapping him up unless they meet his asking price, by retaining Modric last season after intensive interest from Chelsea which the player reciprocated. As such, why would he suddenly fold now and let the player leave for significantly less than his market value?

Not sure Levy bears a grudge against United as per the other poster's comment, but the Berbatov deal is relevant to this debate as I seem to recall for all the ill-will and bad timing of the deal (from a Spurs perspective), Levy still managed to squeeze absolutely top dollar out of United before agreeing to let him leave. So, if the question is could Modric end up a United player by the end of the window, I believe he could do. Will he be allowed to leave for less than £30m - no chance.

Remember, the important point here is that Spurs don't really want to sell Modric and are under no financial pressure to do so. Therefore even if Real Madrid cool their interest, it's not like Levy will be ringing around clubs desperately trying to find another buyer. AVB is obviously a fan of Modric (as evidenced by the fact that Chelsea were after him during his tenure at the club), so should any deal with Madrid, PSG, City, Chelsea or United not be deemed good business for Spurs, I'm sure he'd be more than happy to keep him on board.

I'm a Villa fan and I think Spurs fans are deluded about this situation. Luka Modric just wasn't one of the best players in the league last year, he didn't even get in any of the teams of the year. Most Tottenham fans would agree with that statement.

The club can hold onto him and hope he isn't sent mental by transfer rumours again, of course that's a risk. Most people were shocked by Madrid interest because they don't need him and he wouldn't walk into their team.

He's a good player but he isn't one of the best in the world, he doesn't always impose himself and has proven himself to be mentally fragile. You can say he had a good Euros but was it really that great? UEFA didn't seem to think so as he didn't even get in their squad of the tournament with 8 other midfielders ahead of him.

On his performances last season, he's probably worth £20m, but because we all know the end of last season he wasn't himself we can up that to maybe £25m. Anything over £30m would be madness. 

He's a good player, I'd like him at Villa but that ain't happening LOL, but he ain't one of the very best in the world, not even top 20. Levy can keep an unhappy player and see if his form and price goes downhill more, that's his and the club's choice but he'd probs rather sell.

That Chelsea bid whatever for him last summer is irrelevant unless they offer that again, and it's highly unlikely they will. It's all very well Spurs fans having rants at Manchester United but that's the way I and many other nuetrals see it, he's a good player but not Madrid class and over £30m would be too much.

Delusion is what delusion does. The market will dictate this. We don't want to sell him and if our chairman has to let him go it will not be on the cheap to a PL club.  I agree with your premise that transfer fees are losing touch with reality.  But as contributors above have pointed out replacement of Modric will come at a silly price if the club do not want to sell.

So far all I have read is the media speculating to whom and how much. I haven't actually read this summer any actual demands from Modric or his agent demanding a move.

As previously stated Spurs do not need or have to sell this contracted player. He returns to the club this week and is most probably waiting to have a meeting with AVB who has publicly stated that he would like to keep him.

At the moment everything is just pure media hype and speculation!


Another day another delusion.  Remember your history and remember whom we are talking about here - Daniel Levy.  Modric is on a long contract as was Berbatov and Carrick.  They wanted away and they got away, but not on the cheap.  Man U payed top dollar for both.  But things have moved on since then.  Man U are too busy paying off the "Glaziers" debt mountain and can no longer afford to compete at the very top (I'm not gloating Man U fans, this can happen to any of us and we all should want rid of these types of predators).  DL would rather sell Luka to some side in Moldova than sell him within the PL,

Modric will be back in training with Spurs on to the states on Friday......and playing against Newlcastle first game of the season......unless Madrid offer £40 mil......which they haven't got, wont I suggest you stop smoking the jamacian old holborn fella, thinking he going united.....there is more chance of ronaldo playing for watford.....

Modric wanting to leave Spurs is the key here - he did last season and more so this season.

The question now is are Spurs going to keep him again or let him go.....and to which club.....which is what this article was about........nobody smoking anything.....except maybe you since you can see Modric playing against Newcastle first game of the season. (any chance you can see next weeks lottery numbers ?)

Where have you seen him actually state that he wants to leave more this season than last?



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