All the talk when Ronaldo left was
"No one player is bigger than this club."

Now this is 100% true. But how close did Ronaldo come? 


I don't think you can ever appreciate how much you will miss someone until they are gone. At the time the talk was that United will move on to bigger and better things. Maybe we were all hoping this would happen. But did we ever really believe it?


How often does a player like Ronaldo come along?


As football fans we have been waiting for a player as good as him for years and years, Brazilian Ronaldo, Figo and Zidane all had great careers. None of them were as good as Ronaldo is in my eyes, obviously I'm not as old as some people who may read this, but I have seen enough videos and some matches when I was younger to tell that Ronaldo is a better footballer than these 3 greats.


Perhaps we have to go back to Pele, Best, Charlton and Eusebio to find players as influential as Ronaldo.




Like I said, Ronaldo is not as big as Manchester United. 

But the impression he made will never be forgotten.

I couldn't believe it when I heard the fans at Southampton singing "Get him on a plane, Bring him back from Spain"


We aren't stupid. We know times are hard for United at the moment. We are top of the league. Deservedly so. But, in any other Premier League season we would be 3rd/4th maybe even lower. The quality of the "bigger sides" in the league is at all time low this year. All top sides have very good squads, the football has not been great though.


Ronaldo has stated that some day he wants to come back to United. 

My hope is that he wants to come back next season. We will need him. We need something.

Investment is a must. I can't see it coming from the Glazers. 


I'm one of the more optimistic United fans, but I can see we are heading closer and closer to the edge of a cliff. Okay, maybe it's a slight slope. But it's still not an ideal situation.



Viva Ronaldo!

We do miss you!



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Ronaldo is one of the most exciting players of modern times, right from his debut for us!

We knew things wouldn't be the same after Ronaldo left. We'd lost arguably the best player in the world and take a world class player like Ronaldo out of any side and they're always going to struggle.


We've brought in some very good replacements in Valencia and Hernandez however we've replaced mostly with quantity instead of quality. There are definetely a few issues regarding the squad which need addressed in the summer and if they aren't, some serious questions need to be asked of the owners.


You're absolutely right when you say the top teams in England aren't as good as they once where which is why the gap between us and the rest has narrowed. Just imagine if we had brought in maybe one or two more quality players in the summer or even the previous summer. In my opinion we would've won the league last year at least, and the same could be said for this season, in fact we could've won this seasons title at a canter given the form of our rivals this season.

Other than Messi or Ronaldo. 
Where do you find a player that is so different or so exceptionally good that no other club will find one similar? 


We are in that situation now. We have to buy the best ( or produce it ) to become/stay as the best.


If we buy a run of the mill, or even slightly better than average footballer, Chelsea and City can go out and buy one just as good. Because you look at World Football now and there's only Messi and Ronaldo that stand out. Then you have 20 or 30 good players a long way below them.

There are players out there. You just have to bite the bullet and pay through the nose for them which is what we're going to have to do at some point I feel or else find a gem like Hernandez who was the best buy of the summer by some distance.
It's true, there is no replacing Ronnie so I'd rather look for young talents who maybe have similar potential.

The thing is, Messi and Ronaldo are level 1.


In comparison, everyone else is level 20. They are just so far above everything else. 


I mean, Ronaldo has a record better than a goal a game since he arrived at Madrid which is just stunning.

And Messi this season has something ridiculous like 39 in 36? I forget the exact figures.

87 goals in 1 and half season apparently!



Anyone notice the intruder? Gone quickly, 606 mods eat your hearts out ;)

I noticed that he was w..... by name and w..... by nature.




Ronaldo who has now scored 60 goals in 61 games has beaten Puskas' all time Real Madrid record of 55 goals in the same number of games.


The fact that he's beaten a record such as that set by such a legendary player is some achievement and just shows how great Ronaldo really is.


He'll need to do something special to beat Puskas' international and total club goal record though.


84 goals in 85 internationals for Hungary and 514 goals in 529 Hungarian and Spanish league appearances. That's absolutely crazy.

Nolhman, you change your view from minute to minute!  Are we a good side today ;)

There's no point looking for another Ronaldo - either in a youngster with potential or in the transfer market. He's arguably the best player I've ever seen and no player should have to live up to that or anything like it imo. People heap praise on the midfield team of '99 but Ronaldo would have walked into that team easily, in midfield or up front!


I think our current squad is underrated but I would love to see us sign a CM (or two) and a left winger. The rest of our team/squad could compete with any we have ever had i reckon.

I'm sorry but who said that one player is bigger than the club exactly?



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