Croatian press link Luka Modric with summer move to Manchester United

Zdravko Mamic is a bit of a character in Croatian football. He's an executive at Dinamo Zagreb and today gave a speech, one which lasted over an hour and a half, about all things to do with football., one of the country's main news and sport outlets, have picked up something which they feel may of interest and reckon there's a possibility Luka Modric could be moving to Old Trafford in the summer.

Oh no, not all this again? Well, yes. 

Mamic has long been closely connected with Luka Modric and his future career, almost acting as an unofficial agent for him. His son, Mario, does represent Modric and worked on the prolonged transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid last summer. 

At the beginning of July when the Modric to Madrid stories first started picking up real pace, Sportski in Croatia said that the Mamic father and son team had a conflict of interest in the issue and they questioned the motives involved in some public comments. Dinamo Zagreb stood to get a cut of the transfer fee, but only if the midfielder moved away from the Premier League, and as such they encouraged Modric to put all his eggs in the Real Madrid basket, he probably didn't need must persuading. 

Index say that Modric's future in Madrid is questionable and that his next destination could be Manchester United. Zdravko Mamic is travelling to watch Real Madrid play Manchester United and this is where much of the speculation has come from. And, no doubt, a suspicion in Croatia that the Mamic double act could be eyeing a part in another big transfer. 

It could also stem from a genuine desire in Croatia to see Luka Modric do well and his season so far with the La Liga side hasn't been a great one. He's failed to impress and at this stage probably isn't considered as a good transfer. Index point out the fragile position of Jose Mourinho as part of the reason Modric could be on thin ice, but it's more to do with his actual performances since moving to the side. Whilst he hasn't been awful, he simply hasn't impressed and if the media in Croatia can blame that on the situation rather than the player - and offer an alternative - then they'll happily do that. 

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