This week should be the crunch week for Bruce .

The two fixtures this week should determine if next Monday he is still the manager of Aston Villa or not .

The games Rotherham tonight and Sheff Wednesday at the weekend are games that we should be winning if the team is set up to play to the players strengths and not set in such a negative way that it limits any player playing his best .

The last two games have exposed Bruce and his mindset regarding team selection and playing style not just to fan's but to TV critics his persistence of playing players out of position and sticking with players who are off form he has got a talented squad to work with if he used players right .

The main thing i want to see from Bruce this week is a more attacking set up selection wise and Jedniack no where near the team playing him at centre back is like giving the opposition one or two goals start against Blackburn we saw Tunazabe ( not sure of spelling ) moved to play along side Chester and he did a good job also in midfield replace Jedniak with Bjarmason he has had a pretty rough deal from Bruce considering he was not allowed to leave close season we have all seen he can do a effective job give him a chance and a run of games to prove himself Jedniak has been given that and is still getting picked even though he is off form .

Overall what i want from Bruce is give the team and players a genuine chance by removing the shackles and giving it a proper go to attack teams effectively 

The results this week should be used to seal Bruces fate anything less than four point's and come next Monday he should be gone period .



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Dead right. He has no confidence in the teams he puts out so the over-defensive approach backfires. He should be integrating the likes of El Ghazi into the team not keeping him on the bench. Jedi is not very good even in mid-field; McGinn could do a better DM job or Barney.

If he wins both games then he has a chance, but I think he has to have a good run to the end of October to survive. But nobody knows how the owners view things; there's no way is he the answer for the club so do the owners see that?

I have to agree with you Monday is the deadline, he should win both games easily if he plays to attack. Apart from anything else attacking takes the pressure off the defenders.

I do not have any faith that he understands that and I expect that we will not get 6 points.

I would sack him today but I can just hold off till Monday 

I still cannot understand why he let so many defenders go out on loan especially centre backs and left us short in that department .

It's ok saying we are going to sign/loan replacements but letting players go before securing these deals is suicide .

He has to get it sorted double quick starting with these two games if he fails he needs replacing straight away because he is doing more harm than good to our player's confidence and our promotion chances. 



I cannot believe the team selection! Jedi back in defence. No Bolasie or replacement right winger. Just shoehorn players in to fit the formation of 442. No holding midfielder. This is a gamble...

A win against a pretty poor League 1 level Rotherham, two good goals but the rest was pub football. We could and should have romped home comfortably.  Can't believe Jedi in defence; this was an ideal match to give Tuanzebe more experience as a CB.

Abraham took his goal well but threw away several chances. Bolassie looked class in his cameo role when he came on. Kodjia gave them something to think about. But overall nowhere near where we need to be to mount a serious challenge.

This is the problem, and a carbon copy of last season. He'll do enough to keep his job, but always be one game from the sack in the view of the fans.

Just get rid!!! Or we limp to the play offs and fail again.

Ian Atkins and five others sacked today .

Villa under the new owners wanting to move in a different direction ? .

Major difference of opinion regarding recruitment between Bruce and Atkins .

Atkins favoured European youth to develope whilst Bruce prefered a different type of player ? .

Could that be that Bruce wants players with plenty of experience but are in the twilight of there carears basically over the hill and good for 2/3 seasons at the most .

By all means don't recruit 100% inexperienced foreign talent but to rely on older pro's and ignore young European talent speeks volumes of Bruce's mindset .

Another reason why he needs to be moved on for our club to move forward and progress .



Don't know what to make of this. Is it a question of the owners wanting to stamp their own way of doing things, which may be a good thing? Is it a question of Bruce's fondness for experienced geriatrics winning out?

Two things stand out for me. One is that the structure set up by Wyness and Round has now been dismantled. For the moment Bruce is sitting pretty taking all the football decisions. That will change if and only if the owners put in place a new structure with authority, probably headed by a Director of Football.

The other is that at the moment the club's academy products have been well and truly written out of the picture. What chance do O'Hare, Clark, Suleiman and others have of breaking through now?

I hope things are better than it seems, that the owners are putting in place a properly organised structure which will enable everything from the academy upwards to succeed. And that they are still thinking about what manager they really want.

So Bruce says yesterday that he sees Jedinak as a centre back and will continue to play him there. He states that he likes to keep the same back four so it will be Elmo/Jedi/Chester/Hutton. This means we will not see the best of Tuanzebe and James Bree may as well be loaned out. 

I guess the upside to this is that it will either work in which case we're winning games and getting promoted, or it won't in which case he gets sacked!!

It's going to be interesting to see which one!

Bruce's latest comments terrifies me .

He said Jedniak will make a good centre half and he should know about that .

Sorry Steve if you think that you are deluded .

Jedniak will never be a centre half in a million years if you think he will then Villa have big problems on there hands with Bruce .

Bite the bullet Steve admit you was wrong to loan out so many centre backs .

Keep Jedniak away from the first team as a centre back it still terrifies how bad he played against Sheff Utd if he carries on playing Jedniak be prepared for more defeats and no promotion .



Stubborn and ignorant.

Says suspended Forestieri will be a threat. POTATO HEAD!!

Bit worrying, isn't it!

First thing a manager should understand is what the team he's facing can do. But bruce doesn't do tactics so doesn't care. Waffles on instead.

We should win this easily. We may lose it.



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