This week should be the crunch week for Bruce .

The two fixtures this week should determine if next Monday he is still the manager of Aston Villa or not .

The games Rotherham tonight and Sheff Wednesday at the weekend are games that we should be winning if the team is set up to play to the players strengths and not set in such a negative way that it limits any player playing his best .

The last two games have exposed Bruce and his mindset regarding team selection and playing style not just to fan's but to TV critics his persistence of playing players out of position and sticking with players who are off form he has got a talented squad to work with if he used players right .

The main thing i want to see from Bruce this week is a more attacking set up selection wise and Jedniack no where near the team playing him at centre back is like giving the opposition one or two goals start against Blackburn we saw Tunazabe ( not sure of spelling ) moved to play along side Chester and he did a good job also in midfield replace Jedniak with Bjarmason he has had a pretty rough deal from Bruce considering he was not allowed to leave close season we have all seen he can do a effective job give him a chance and a run of games to prove himself Jedniak has been given that and is still getting picked even though he is off form .

Overall what i want from Bruce is give the team and players a genuine chance by removing the shackles and giving it a proper go to attack teams effectively 

The results this week should be used to seal Bruces fate anything less than four point's and come next Monday he should be gone period .



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It’s more than a bit worrying I won’t rest or be a happy villa fan until he is out.

Jedinak is not a centre half and reminds me of Ridgewell a good header but never quite understood that it comes straight back because you’re just giving possession to the opposition. In any case Jedinak cannot play every game. Why sign Tuanzebe and not play him? 

The whole thing is wrong, he has to go sooner the better, I have no faith that he knows what he is doing

Bolasie and El Ghazi on the bench - seriously?

3 loan playerson the bench, what’s the point of having them?

if it means Bruce out then I hope we lose 

Jedniak at centre back ? 

When will Bruce learn ?

Prediction 2-1 Wednesday Jedniak has another mare when will Bruce ever learn. 

What more proof is needed he has to go.

Whats his excuse now?

Did we deserve to lose, if we played the same turgid shite, them he has to go doesn't he?

I have thought better for him to stay but I feel now probably time to go.

More worrying are the reports that we may start next season on -12, No point going up if thats the case but on the other hand it would mean certainly League one football.

What a mess.

What a mess indeed, and it is all down to Bruce. He seems addicted to getting players in by whatever means, but has no idea how to play them. We've actually got in good players, but it all adds to the waste.

We need a manager who understands coaching, team organisation and tactics. He has to go, surely.

Sorry folks for getting my prediction right .

The need for Bruce to be sacked now is obvious to everyone. 

The point i have made about Jedniak time and time again has been proven right again according by reports this was a carbon copy of his performance against Sheff Utd what is it that Bruce cannot understand he is not a centre half it makes you wonder if Jedniak has a must play when fit clause in his contract .

Bite the bullet Steve and resign or i hope our owner's see how clueless a manager Bruce is and sack him .



Unbelievable, isn't it. CBs need a thou-shall-not-pass strand in their DNA and Jedinak doesn't have it. Too often he stands bemused as the ball whistles past. Chester's often out of position trying to stop shots that Jedinak should be stopping. It's so obvious.

Bruce won't resign. He'll hope the owners swallow the excuses about having to build a new team, it takes time, difficult division and so on.

If he continues it'll have a long term negative effect on the club.



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