It seems one of our own has come under heavy fire on twitter, presumably by our own fans! (cant imagine opposition fans being bothered or even wanting the guy to move on - as he doesn't have the best of reputations)


I wonder if the detractors and the boo boys know what it takes to get even close to playing at OT.


Anyhow we know that he isn't our best player and there is a pecking order of (when fit) guys ahead of him; Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Hargreaves, Fletcher, Anderson, O'Shea, Gibson. (probably one or two others as well)


We all know that Sir AF likes to keep the squad fresh and match fit and so gives these guys as many games as possible, where possible. This has proven to have saved the day many times over as every season United invariably have an injury crisis.


So why does this low-key unassuming midfielder come in for so much stick from our own?


Are people worried that the players ahead of him are; soon to retire, remain injured, never fullfill their potential and or remain inconsistent.............. and so see Gibson being the number one choice?


He is what he is. Our squad player, who will do a job, take a (relatively) low wage, always be ready, not upset the dressing room and keep his face off the front pages.


The players ahead of him will be replaced in due course, and he will remain where he is in the pecking order, unless he takes a step or two in his personal development.


Do people think that the 8th+ choice midfielder should be world class? (you have your 1st team, then the lads developing and then the steady reliable if unspectaular players) (unless you are City or Chelsea and have 2 teams where each player is on a minimum of £100k per week.)


Aside from where Mr Gibson is in the scheme of things at OT, I find it amazing that our "fans" can be so hurtful to one of our own!  Thought it was only Arsenal fans who turned on their own. Seems we are no different.


Time was Phil Neville was the back up player at OT and used to get a lot of stick (especailly for England). Everton's managment, staff, players and fans all speak very highly of him.


Seems we really do have our share of embarrasing fans.

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Too many squad standard players play too many first team football.


i.e Gibson, O'shea etc.


Our central midfield is woeful. Too many injuries. I got slated for saying Ando needs to go on a diet, it's the truth. He's a fat f*ck who always gets injured. He gets injured because he's fat. Simple.


So we carry Anderson. And we carry Hargreaves. Carrick has been abysmal for along time but has put in some half decent performances, Fletcher is back now but i'm not expecting great things from him, a month out with whatever it is he had will have taken it out of his body.


It's saying something really when our best central midfielder this season has been Giggs.


If Scholes retires in the Summer (which i fully expect), i hope to GOD we bring in at least 2 new midfielders, otherwise i foresee the end of days.


Huddlestone i quite like. He's Carrick but with an excellent shot, bedevilment and great technique. We should go for him and hopefully Sneijder, as long as he cuts out his diving.

Jimmy, if you think Anderson is fat, what do you think of Huddlestone?



so a squad that is on the cusp of winning 4 titles in 5 years, and making 3 champions league final appearances in 5 years, is absolutely rubbish - and full of useless players who you don't know why they are getting any game time!?


holy crap - some people never learn. Fergie is the king of utilising a squad - a group of players who, although not world beaters for the most part, come in and do exactly what he asks of them.


Please tell me the last United squad that had 20+ top players?


this should be interesting......

I don't do Twitter but looked at some of the links.


Do people really put their own photos as their avatar?  If so one of the main abusers looked like a spotty geek who couldn't knock the skin off a rice pudding.  Did it make him feel adequate venting foul abuse over the ineternet?


Yes, Gibson isn't the greatest player in the world, but we are never going to have a squad of 25 world beaters.  We need water carriers too.  I wouldn't be devastated if Gibson left, but I will continue to support any player that pulls on the shirt.

I think this is ridiculous!  For years, fans have wanted to be closer to the players, the manager, the coachesand the club yet when a facility is there to enable this, people abuse it forcing those people to withdraw.


Sadly, it is just a mindless minority that do it.  Anyhow, what did you say to Gibson Jimmy...? ;)

Its pathetic the people who've done it. First and foremost because he's a United player. Like it or not he's ours, and we want him playing his best, because despite what people say his best is pretty decent. He would be a welcome addition to any mid-table or below Premier League team, we keep him cos he's a squad player of decent standard with a chance of improving. He's as good a squad player as we can expect, and even the people who think they know better then SAF should support him.


I must say I'm disgusted at our fans. His confidence must be in tatters, if we ever see the player he could be it will be a testament to Ferguson's will power, as clearly our fans don't want him to become a good player. Anyone who claims to support United but doesn't support our players (thats support, you don't have to like them) isn't a fan in my book.



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