Deal close - Man United make offer, move to personal terms, big contract ready

Barcelona are either giving Dani Alves the hint they want rid of him or they're trying to get a deal done on the cheap. His agent, who also happens to be the player's ex-wife, was so angry with Barcelona's offer to renew the defender's contract that she called a press conference and explained to the Spanish media just why Alves had rejected what Barcelona had put forward.

Barcelona had offered a rolling contract which would have seen Alves' contract renewed for three years but given the Spanish club the opportunity to pull out every summer, the player and his agent rightly saw this as just a one year contract but with power added to Barcelona. Not only that, Alves was asked to take a pay-cut despite still being first choice and one of the club's most used footballers this season.

Catalan newspaper Sport explained that Alves already has two other offers, one of which they reckon is from Manchester United. The Premier League club need pay no transfer fee so went straight to personal terms and have offered what Sport think is big money on a three year deal. Manchester United are now considered favourites by Sport, but PSG are still lurking and very interested in the player.

A Barcelona stay still can't be ruled out, the player wants to remain in the city but the club's offer took him by surprise due to how poor it turned out to be. 

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