so its June 1st and McLeish has 'left by mutual consent' who do you want?

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Curbishley is a good reader of a game. With Charlton, if they were struggling a bit he'd change it around at half time, and a stronger, more dynamic performance would emerge. And the 7 wins in 9 games with West Ham which saved them was an outstanding performance.

He was well enough thought of to be interviewed for the England job, when Capello was appointed. Reckon he would have done better; the problems in South Africa were largely one of interaction with the players.

just throwing another name into the mix how about Ian Holloway. He has got every team to over perform and plays very attacking attractive football. Just remember how Blackpool last season on there budget and he almost got Plymouth promoted to the PL by also playing atractive football. I know he can be a bit out spoken which gets on a few fans nerves but id prefer someone who just came out with what they thought instead of blaming everyone and sounding like a broken record. Blackpool could possibly get into the playoffs and get promoted again but if not I would think he would be quite easily tempted away.

I think that puts it nicely!

The way the club has gone about things the last couple of years can you honestly disagree with him? All the fans are saying why wont Lerner do this or that and push up the table and we are living on past merits so he was just speaking the truth which is what i admire him for.

I disagree entirely, yes we are a bit of a joke right now, but we are still internationally renowned. I don't think hes a good manager, I think he did well in the Championship to get Blackpool promoted, but then McLeish did well in the championship. In the prem, their first 10 or so games were good cos teams weren't used to playing his tactics. He then had no plan B and they were deservedly relegated. He is one I would not want.

"internationally renowned"

You must be having a laugh.

It's an interesting thought. For me, Rpdgers at Swansea and Lambert at Norwich have both done excellent jobs and I think would do well here. Roy Hodgson had a nightmare at Liverpool, but he's proven what a good manager he is since he's gone to West Brom. Curbishley is a risk: could be good, but he's been out of management a while and doesn't seem to have the charisma. Then you have others such as Bilic, who has done a great job on the international scene with Croatia and could probably attract high profile signings, which Villa desperately need. Rijkaard is another who comes with the experience of managing top quality players at Barcelona and would probably attract top quality players. Benitez is another one who I think is pretty good with regards to signings. He signed a few bad players at Liverpool but also signed Alonso, Reina, Mascherano, Torres, Agger and Johnson. However, if we were to get managers like Bilic, Rijkaard or Benitez, then we would need to give them some money to play with. There is a rumour that Lerner will make significant funds available in the summer because of the poor season we've had, but I really don't know what to believe, and allegedly we still have a high wage bill. If we moved on the average/poor players on high wages such as Warnock, Heskey, Collins and Hutton, we could change this.


If we can't tempt any of the managers mentioned above, then I'd like to see Martin Laursen here. Even if he is very inexperienced, the fact is he has passion for this club and would at the very least command respect from players. He speaks the language perfectly and would likely have good contacts in the game given he has played in Italy and England and would know about Danish prospects.

Lambert, Curbishly or Neil Warnock would be substantial, I can see mid-table finishes. But if you look at the top ten team's managers Ferguson, Mancini, Wenger, Redknapp, Pardew, Di Matteo, Moyes, Dalglish, Jol and Hodgson, do you really think any of the three managers mentioned are better? Arguably there are other factors taken into consideration, but their teams are there at this stage of the season shows they are quality managers. Even looking further down the table at O'Neill, Rodgers, Pulis and Martinez are of better quality than Lambert, Curbishy or Warnock. 

Because of this, I think we should aim a bit higher. There seems to be a cluster of very experienced managers wanting to come back into the premier league. If we stay up then I always believe at the start of the season, we have the scope to finish in the top 8 with a few signings and this is surely going to be attractive to these kinds of managers. 

Rafa Benitez or Sven Goran-Eriksson are my suggestions. They both can attract players and would elevate our club back where it belongs.

Warnock I wouldn't touch. But I think both Lambert and Curbishley have the potential to be competitive in the top half of the PL. How competitive you can't tell until they have a go. But if you look at their records with limited resources, they did pretty well. I'd put them at least in the same league as Jol and Hodgson. Dalglish is out-of-date. And it's not obvious that O'Neill and the rest are better quality; quality is about what goes on on the field, and I reckon those two can do it.

Sven was my pick when Houllier was appointed. He's good with players and would have cushioned the blow of O'Neill leaving. But he didn't seem to hit it off with Lerner & Co.

#1 Roberto Martinez

#2 Paul Lambert

#3 Martin Laursen

I don't know if Pep is ready for such a massive position as the Villa role... yeah he's done a bit at Barca but i'm not sure he's ready for the talents of Gabby and Collins... lol imagine trying to play tictac with them... Hoof.... Chase... 

Martin Laursen is still just starting his management career.

Currently with his first club BK Søllerød-Vedbæk. 2nd bottom of the Danish 2nd Division East (joint third tier).

Give him some time!

Cruyff is the outsider... it would take Lerner though to hand over Aston Villa and let Cruyff have the run of the place... Money is not the issue with Cruyff it would be purely him being allowed to do what he did at Barca with free reign... I'm not saying he would be interested but he's out of work, loves football and would surely see it as a challenge... maybe not one he wants... in this way we can have a young manager then come in and work with him... but this would be of Cruyff choosing... 



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