We need a win, we are only 44 points clear of relegation and 13 points clear of 7th place.

I suppose it all boils down to who Bruce fancies meeting in the play offs, we cannot lose 4th spot we can only finish 3rd (or second if Cardiff and Fulham throw it away).

To me it matters little who we play if we are to get promoted we have to beat the best of the rest.

Time to earn your money Bruce.

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Last home match of the season. Think we need to go for it for that reason, to keep the positives alive, and also that slim chance of the automatic places.

Watching Fulham, take a calamitous referees decision out and Sunderland would be two up probably,

Another Landan team is what they would all like.


If not us and it is very unlikely now, I'd rather Fulham get second than Cardiff as I feel we have a better chance of beating Cardiff if it comes down to it.

As for Derby, rest a couple play a couple to keep them fresh.

Don't expect any kids as they have just beaten Leicester to get to the U23 League cup final. Well done babbies!

Johnstone Elmo Chester Terry Taylor Snoddy Whelan Hourihane Adomah Grealish Grabban.

0-1 at the moment. Weimann gets the better of Taylor and sticks in a cross for Jerome to score.

To think Taylor was reckoned to be better than what we had before. We need Hutton.

14 mins to go, sometimes it is just not your day. That is how it looks now, we are getting closer and closer, but it might not be!

Well that worked, now lets get the winner!!!

And this is the man to take us forward should we get promotion.

He couldn’t find his backside with both hands.

Well it will be boro it seems...........

Pulis is worst Nightmare, but who knows second leg at home could make difference.

Still better than last year by a mile but can see it ending in disappointment.


A big challenge. We need not to lose the first leg; if we do lose it becomes very difficult.

Agree mcp

I would have taken the play offs at the start of the season, but I do not fancy us. However, despite all the downers, we do have the right manager for this as he has been through it many times. Everything crossed, rest some on Sat, when is the first leg???

Play off dates




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