Rumours suggest that our 2 main goal scorers - ok we only have one ! may not be fit for this clash ?

Perhaps Brucie may chuck in the 2 kids ? but he is more than likely to play 5-4-1 with Bacuna up front on his own !

But what would I know ?

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Seems Kodjia is OK - bruised ribs was the problem. Injury to Hogan could have benefits; Bruce won't be able to try yet another arrangement up front. Bree is out for another match, and Gabby and RHM are still injured.

Bruce has to stop tinkering, and I think that means 4 in the back line, probably:

Hutton Chester Baker Taylor

Not sure about further forward; how about:

Adomah Lansbury Jedinak Hourihane Bacuna


Not optimistic about today, mainly because I have no faith in Bruce's tactics or team set up. It's a funny contrast between Villa and Leicester, I would take Ranieri every day over Bruce who at best gets teams promoted, eventually.

It's maybe a blessing that Hogan is not available today forcing Bruce to play our top scorer in the middle instead of stuck out on the wing. To set the team theoretically to utilise Hogan in the middle and then hardly give him the ball is madness.

If you can win the prem and get the sack 9 months later, all I can say is watch out Bruce!

Team: Johnstone Hutton Chester Baker Taylor Bacuna Jedinak Lansbury Adomah Kodjia Green

Bench: Bunn Amavi Bree Grealish Elphick Bjarnason Gardner

Hourihane out injured.

Seems fair enough. Wonder what the set-up is?

Two word's  " AT LAST "

By the sond's of it we was not at our best but managed to hold on to win could our luck be changing ? .



29% possession. Jeez! Well Derby are in freefall and we were still second best but at least it's a win. The results at the bottom have really gone for us this week. Nobody else has won, either today or in midweek and we have an 8 point cushion again.

This appears to be more like the early part of Bruce's tenure, when we were playing poorly but grinding out results. Let's hope that eventually we can start to put some actual football together. Bristol City are up next on Tuesday and they were very unlucky not to win at Newcastle today. Maybe a point on Tuesday would be useful? Can't believe I'm saying that.

For those of you though, who seem to think that Bruce will be sacked - forget it. It isn't going to happen. The board know that despite our troubles, Villa are not able to attract anyone more qualified than Bruce. They also know that they simply can't change things again. The club is in a mess BECAUSE of the constant chopping and changing. Bruce is the final stop. That might be depressing to some (the football we're playing, it's depressing to me) BUT you need to accept it.

A win! That's what matters. 3 points. From reports seems there were positives. Johnstone much improved and did a stunning save from Bent. Chester was outstanding. And we seem to be getting our corners and set pieces together.

We rode our luck. But at least we didn't do the obvious slip-ups which allow opponents to score.

If we can get decent results out of Bristol and Rotherham that should put fear of relegation to bed.

Who gives a feck about possession - last time I checked, that doesn't win matches! How many times have we had more possession and lost? We had similar shots/shots on target and won - I'll take that any day!!
True. I'm enjoying looking at 'Aston Villa 39 pts'. Two more wins and we should be safe. I was merely pointing the possession out as an indicator of how poor we were. That is undeniable.

so happy to wake up ,switch on the iPad to see a win when most needed, at last..

Didn't bother staying up to watch it last night as its been pointless of late.

I will watch the recorded match later on fast forward.

To be honest for me it was about getting points to keep us out of the relegation battle, a draw or win against Bristol on Tuesday is a must otherwise we are back to looking over our shoulders.

Still not sure on Bruce as coach but as said it looks like he will be here for the start of next season so I will just accept that.I've said it once in a topic already he is not the coach for us after the way this season is going so I will support him.

I Still cant buy into that excuse that we cant put a good playing squad out with all the quality we have at our club, including the players out on loan like Gill.

A win is a win and it will make for a happy Sunday so enjoy it all.

Consider everyone how both Gil and Veretout are tearing up the Spanish and French leagues respectively, as VILLA PLAYERS. Remember too that Sanchez, Cissokho, McCormack and Tshibola are also Villa players, playing elsewhere. Brisbane is right - we have one hell of a Championship squad.

Not convinced by Bruce either. For me this one win has to be repeated; a minimum of a win out of the next 2 matches. Do that and it's worth letting him show what he can do over the rest of the season. If we relapse back into another losing streak I think change is needed.

Bottom line is we have to win. At this stage doesn't matter how. But with the squad we have then winning somehow or other has to be top priority.



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