Oh happy days when villa visited Derbys newish ground and sang "My garden shed is bigger than this" How we have fallen.

Its a must win and Bruce needs to sort himself out, why not play that new bloke we paid £12m for if he's no good get rid pronto, he certainly won't score any goals from the bench.

Grealish must start and what did El H do to lose out to Hutton?

As I said its a must win Brucie!

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Lineup: Johnstone, Elmo, Jedi, Chester, Taylor, Snoddy, Whelan, Hourihane, Adomah, Grealish, Onomah.

Grealish in but no Davis anywhere?

Thats baffling who's centre forward????

Davis given the weekend off. Bruce sets out to bamboozle Rowett by playing no one up front!!! Will it work? I doubt it.

No kids on the bench either, so much for the young lads getting a break.

I'm about to fly to Hong Kong from Birsbane, I hope when I land I get a nice surprise, but I'm not hopeful.

Just got in. 1-0 to them half time, terrible mistake from Whelan. Sounds like the only good stuff is coming from Grealish.


2-0 FT. Poor. It has to be down to Bruce. Forget about injuries; he has enough players to still put out a competitive team. But he doesn't know how to do that, and loan signings in January won't make any difference.

We aren't going to get promotion as it stands. We have a chance of making the playoffs but there will be too many teams in the mix who we can't beat.

Got to agree with all you say McP.

We got a manager with experience of this very difficult league, 4 promotions won, he knew it backwards, trouble is life’s moved on and others have got it right, even a Portuguese manager who has never managed in this difficult league before.

Bruces solution leave a £12m centre forward on the bench and call up Flabby.

you're a dinosaur Mr Bruce the sooner you’re gone the better. For goodness sake don’t trust him with anymore signings in January just get rid.

2 dreadful performances in a row now. Time to knuckle down.

I still think we will make the play offs, but now is the time to show character. I don't understand why a couple of the kids have not been given a chance, even from the bench.

We have to hope now that he has a small clue!



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