In his first World Title fight Rocky got lucky. I scored every round to Apollo Creed, it was a shutout.


However before the second fight Rocky really wasn't motivated for the re-match. He didn't have the heart to train, to get in a ring with the Champ. It took his wife to come out a coma and tell him what to do to give him his motivation to train and to fight.


The result of that fight was totally void. You do not count out BOTH fighters!!!! You count out the one who got knocked down (Apollo Creed), not both of them! So the referee should have waited until Rocky got to his feet and then began the count. So imho, Apollo 'The Champ' Creed was still World Champion.


In the 3rd fight, again, Rocky had no heart. He didn't have 'the eye of the tiger'. It took the death of his trainer to motivate him, AGAIN (ffs) vs Clubber Lang. And some homo-macho scenes with a well oiled Champ Creed.


In the 4th fight, sob sob The Champ was killed by Drago. Drago should have been sent to prison imho for manslaughter. Instead, Rocky used the death and the memory of the Champ to mercilessly defeat Motherland's Number 1 fighter Drago (the best fighter of all time imho).


The other fights that Rocky had do not matter, only these ones.


Was Rocky a good professional? Did he have natural heart?


No and no i think.

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Are you suggested that Rocky was actually an Arsenal player?

It was a film and not real - Eastenders/Coronation Street/Emmerdale is not real either.


Hope this helps.



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