As news of Diego Costa's hamstring injury filtered through, there were Chelsea fans in all kinds of panic. The reports suggested it was recurrence of an injury Costa had the end of last season, the one which saw him limp out of the Champions League final and only just make the World Cup.

There were suggestions that he'd been nursing the problem since, throughout the summer and into his new career with Chelsea. That Costa, so excellent for Chelsea so far this season, had been playing through a problem.

However, that's not the case. Costa's hamstring injury before the World Cup was on the right side. That's where the issues had been and that's the problem he had horse placenta treatment for. If that injury hadn't healed and the hamstring had gone again then this would be the serious problem much of the press are painting it as.

The current injury, according to the Spanish football federation, is on the left side. A general hamstring weakness would be a concern but it's nowhere near as bad the exact same hamstring strain happening again. 

Costa felt discomfort following Spain's match against France. He didn't pull-up or have to be stretchered off or even noticeably limp, so it's unlikely that he's done high grade damage. Spain's next match is against Macedonia so there's no great need for Costa anyway. Spain have carried out their scans, made these available to Chelsea, and passed Costa over.

If it's a mild strain, Costa could be back in as little as 3 weeks. If it's not strain at all, rather a tightening, then Costa could be back even sooner should Chelsea really need him. A more serious strain and obviously Costa is looking at longer but given the lack of a serious in game reaction, it's probably not that.

In addition, given that the Spanish footballer federation have confirmed the injury is related to Costa's long standing Myofascial pain issue, it could be that a little rest and treatment would see him ready sooner than almost anyone thinks.

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