We relied heavily last season on loanees to the detriment of our younger players who where denied their chances to gain experience & we are at it again ! So this season if we narrowly miss promotion we will be in exactly the position as end of season last !!!

Are we really that bereft of youngsters who can step up & show how good they are ? if given the chance ???

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Think at this moment in time we are lacking in youngsters ready to step up. Grealish has done it, but he's still learning; he has great skills, but he needs to use them more effectively. He hangs on to the ball for too long, and zooms all over the pitch too much. That shows you what the bar is.

Of the others:

Green: great potential, but decision making etc isn't good enough. He hasn't played a lot due to injuries. Bruce will play him, but quite a lot will be from the bench. By the end of the season he may be ready.

Davis: unfortunately injured, so his contribution can't be assessed.

RHM: Like Green, been injured a lot. Fast but not that effective. Will get chances from the bench.

And so on.  A number have gone out on loan to lower league clubs, and that's a good thing.

So the new loans will help up our quality, and may turn into permament deals in the future. If they get us up they'll have done their job.

I think some kids will be given a shot this year but most will be loaned out so they get plenty of game time so they are ready next year if we don’t get promoted. For now I guess Bruce is getting experienced players to help us get results so he can show the new owners he is the man for the job.

I’m more concerned about the players who will not be playing this year it seems like Lansbury, Tshibola and possibly Hogan if we sign Abraham. We need to get these guys off the payroll for the season and hope they put themselves in the shop window so we can sell them at a later date if we don’t want them.

I think loan players are great simply because players Bruce signs he doesn’t play, they just sit outside the squad or on the bench at best. First Lansbury and now Hourihane on the bench. When we have a surfeit in a position Bruce’s solution is to sign more. Uncle Albert was rejected by Bruce at the start of last season but became our saviour during the season. This year he is heading for the bench again as Bruce signs two wingers.

Not a fan of Bruce.

To be fair, Adomah has been not quite doing it for some time. He did have a good game against Brentford, except that his final cross could have been better. Having competition is no bad thing. Green isn't ready to be an automatic starter. Bolasie's experience means he may link up with Kodjia better.

Hourihane's been quite effective from the bench, so I'm happy with him starting there, with McGinn starting instead. We've enough decent reserves to be able to keep up the pressure for a full 90 minutes. All to the good. It's in the final third that we've been weak; this may solve it.



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