So here is a link which might explain why we have been so crap with Garde.

We are such a disaster of a club, it is not even funny. I do hope we will have a complete clearout this summer, with a new manager coming in with experience of the championship. That is the only way we will come straight back up, in my opinion

By the way, there really is some good discussion going on over here.

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oh wow, big strong pro footballers want to be shouted at after losing games.

big strong players that play like school kids with the errors to match.

what a load of footballs this made up story is.

Im sure Remi wants to tear a new butt out of this squad but knows he can't as they will sulk and run to the papers to be victim.

He would love to drop them but we haven't got the squad to replace them thanks to our boards transfer policy.

what's the point, damned if he does ,damned if he doesn't.

And to also write that a young player from Barcelona is on 50 grand a week with us,utter comical.

Just another journo trying to stick the knife in with made up stories,we don't need made up stories to defend this squad of jokers.

how people can keep on defending Garde is unfathomable. Its like some of us have a french football love in, like we did with Houllier - it is laughable.

What on earth has he done to improve us since he took over? Seriously? What?

People had a leg to stand on, when our form improved somewhat, and we went four games unbeaten or something - but apart from that, what else has he done? Jack all. 

Might as well get rid of him in the big clear out as far as i am concerned. Whatever way you look at it, he had a squad full of players - and a fair few internationals, ex internationals, some he knew very well, some he didnt. Either way, he should of made us better, and he hasn't. End of. 

Hilarious! So some of the "senior players" don't like Garde's methods. What's new? These are the players who've been making mistake after mistake, under Sherwood as well as Garde. Perhaps they think they should have gum spitting practice instead of football training. If the story is true that is; I have my doubts but I wouldn't be surprised.

The festering moaners are the lot we need to get rid of once and for all. With Gabby leading the exit. Maybe some of them think that if Garde goes then somebody will beg them to stay because of their "experience".

Garde? Keep the players who want to play for him, bring on the youngsters, bring in a few selected players can add some toughness to the squad (we've been too lightweight for years) and some who can fill the holes, and we will have a good season next year.

Get rid of Garde and what do you do? Ditch the foreign imports, keep the players who won't take his methods and recruit a few thugs from the lower divisions? Don't make me laugh.

McParland, all of this is great, but it still doesn't answer the question as to what Garde has done to improve things since he has been here - he could have at least got rid of the moaners) but they are all still playing!

He has done jack all since he arrived - when will you see this? Next season, when a team full of imports and youngsters is struggling in the Championship?

Look at the stats - i would imagine that the success rate of foreign managers in the Championship is very very low.

Ok, so Watford did it, but they were backed properly, and intelligently, by a family enriched in football.

Apart from that, who else has come up with a foreign manager and a set of foreign players? Please do correct me if i am wrong. 

The more i think about it, all the success stories of teams who have been promoted, and then managed to stay in the division, all came up with british/irish managers with intimate knowledge of the British game

Leicester (Pearson)

West Ham (Allardyce)

Southampton (Adkins)

Bournemouth (Howe)

Crystal Palace (Holloway)

Swansea (Rodgers)

Norwich (Lambert and then Neill)

Sunderland (Keane)

Newcastle (Hughton)

even if you look now in the Championship its

Hull (Bruce)

Burnley (Dyche)

Brighton (Hughton)

that are looking likely.

The only two teams that have bucked the trend are Watford (again due to their knowledge of the game, and seemingly infinite connection/business model) and Middlesborough (Karanka). 

Do you really think that we should go down the foreign manager/foreign players route?

Really? I say complete clear out - top to bottom and get Moyes in and let him do the route and branch restructuring of the club. With the aim of becoming a consistent top half Premier League club inside 5 years. 

I said get rid of Remi weeks ago ( again not all his fault)

But the board don't want him and YES ! A British manager for the Championship is probably correct.

What has Garde done? Well he drew with Man C on his first game in charge, a noticeable improvement on what went before. Pretty good considering he didn't know his squad, at all. He then lost 3 games on the trot, not surprising given the squad. However, he drew 3 of the next 4 games, against Southampton (A), Newcastle (H) and West Ham (H), again much improved over what we had been used to. OK we then slumped and lost to Sunderland and Norwich; no coincidence that Richards was back, and that's the last time he played him central defence. But after that we picked up, starting with a win over Crystal Palace; the last 8 games have been W2 D2 L4, 8 points and a point a game. Enough to escape relegation if we did it over a season, which given the hugely unbalanced and limited squad we had, and the board raising the white flag in January, is pretty creditable. Would anybody else done as good? Very few.

Other issues? Get rid of the moaners? How, for heaven sake? He's said himself there's a few who don't like his methods but with injuries and squad limitations he's forced to play them.

Other pluses. He says exactly what he thinks, it chimes in well with what fans have been saying for years, he knows what he wants and will get it or leave, and don't underrate his success under difficult circumstances with Lyon, a top French club. He's made a point of introducing the youth to the senior squad and will make developing that aspect a priority. He's getting a lot more out of the French signings than Tim ever managed, and I think there's more to come.

Foreign  coaches in the Championship? There was Tigana at Fulham in 2000, playing positive attractive football, which got them promoted; not a coincidence that he started as manager at Lyon. Currently there's Karanka at Middlesborough, again has them playing good stuff and looking likely to be promoted. The Championship is changing; Bournemouth aren't a typical Championship team, but ran away with the title last season.

Sorry Umma, but this "Garde has done nothing" just doesn't wash. By the way, there's quite a list of new managers who have gone down with their club but have managed to come straight back up. They've done it because the club has taken the best of what's there and allowed the manager to build on it. We have to get out of the cycle of yet another manager; give Garde real support and see what he can do.

Got to go with McP on this one.

It's said today that Remi walked out of the press conference, it is said because he was asked questions beyond his remitt. The muppets, Ollis and Mr Lerner have given Remi no support what so ever in public.

Remi has conducted himself with dignity and composure without the customary bullshite we get from so called experienced British managers.

Sorry Umma but any suggestion that managers like Allardyce should come in is madness to my mind. Your suggestion that Moyes is the man is equal madness, one because he is a mid table fumbler and two because even such a mediocre manager thinks himself better and too good for a club like ours.

I am convinced that Remi is our best chance of getting back to our rightful position, it's not his fault at all that we have such a poor bunch of so called professional footballers.

Yes we need a clear out, hopefully Ollis has started that with the muppets and I hope Remi will continue that in the summer.

Remember also that if we treat Remi badly, as we have treated others, then no manager worth his salt will touch us with a barge pole.

Umma .

What has Garde done ? ? ? ! ! ! ! .

He has worked with another manager's or another recruitment committee's squad and not only got more point's than the previous manager did this season with game's left but add to that he has been sold woefully short in the last transfer window by the tightest owner in the premiership who has not got a grain of common sense in regard's to running a premier league club .

The top and bottom of it is our absent owner is looking for another scapegoat to pass the blame on to to get the fan's or paying customer's of his and the board's back .

PERIOD ! ! ! ! 



What this club needs now is a period of stability. Whatever the underlying reasons for our decline (which we all know) a major factor in this decline is constantly changing the manager. This leads to the players having to change the way they are asked to play over and again (which with limited players will never work!!) Also the players don't give a shite as they know it is the manager who will be made scapegoat and not them.

Get rid of the moaners including your beloved Gabby, introduce some youth, feed Gestede and Ayew and keep the manager, these are the steps forward. Get rid of Garde and we are back to square one.


Don't disagree with much you have said apart from the keep Garde.As I have always pointed out I don't blame him for this mess.

But The board don't want him.
He dosent " look " like he can motivate ( Pundits quote as well )
He knows nothing about the Championship.
Most of our fans want him gone.
The training is meant to be pants.

I also think he should have done a bit better than he has.

For these reasons he simply has to go.

The comment's by Bosco seem to be in tune with my thought's .

These are let's get rid of Garde ?.

Then what . ?

The fact's are unless Christmas come's early for Villa we are as good as relegated ! .

Very sad as one of the last Club's that have been in the premiership since it's start ! .

We have a absentee owner who has had his head in the sand for a considerable length of time with his only wish is to sell the Club for a unbelievably high asking price given our current position !  .

We have a board who have very little or no experience in football also we have a recruitment policy that is not only beyond belief but must have been thought out by a table football manager ! .

We now have a squad who if the rumour's are to be believed are a split unit and on the basis of the performance's on the field the majority are using this club as a cash cow with little or no interest in there performance's and our team's plight . !

We have had manager after manager who has been asked to manage this Club basically with both arm's tied behind there back's and one foot in a bucket placed on a trap door with the power's that be at the ready to pull the handle as soon as the inevitable run of bad result's happen . !

The conclusion given all the fact's is that this Club is in a mess of catastrophic proportion's and any manager with a grain of common-sense would not risk there hard earned reputation coming to a club in such a mess working under the constraints that have been in place sine O'Niel left , Five manager's have tried and failed to work here in that time that in itself tell's it's own story and give a true accurate overview of what any new manager would be up against .

The question we should all ask ourselves is would we work in those circumstance's with those limitation's in place ? .

The main thing our Club need's next season is as Bosco say's is a period of stability without no knee jerk reaction's to relegation and give Garde at least a full pre season to get the rubbish out and new blood in who are his player's and considerably more support in the transfer market to recruit new player's of his choice and give him the fund's to do this . The last point is something he has not received thus far ! .

The last wish is that Learner wises up and realises he has not got a hope in hell of getting his asking price for our Club and if he stay's with that asking price in place then i fear the worse and we will drop through the league's like a stone ! .

The time has come for Randy to wise up and  smell the "Coffee" and do the right thing by the Club and sell to the fist bidder that give's him a reasonable price to recoup some money from his investment's and let a new owner take over who care's about this once Great Club with one of the best fan base's in the country .


Rizla 01.



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