Is this delusion? I personally do not feel that they are a threat to us at all and can't see them making the top 4 this year again, unless they sign a few top players. This isn't me being anti-Liverpool. It's just how I genuinely feel.

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Well it depends on Arsenal really, if they lose Fabregas and Nasri they will be in a terrible state. How could Wenger sell the club to a top player?

Spurs look like they have too much quantity, not enough quality, particularly up front. For me, they need to sell 6 or 7 and bring in 3 or 4 top players.

Considering this, I think Liverpool have a good shot at fourth, though still believe the league will be contested by United and Chelsea. Unless City do something drastic.
I don't know what to make of Liverpool or Arsenal. It's a very strange pre season in that, both have changed so much with Liverpool's new signings and management, and Arsenal potentially losing some of their best players. I just don't see how it will all gel together for Liverpool in one season, and in Arsenal's case, if they lose Fabregas and Nasri, I have no idea how they will cope or replace them. In fact, even if both stay I can't see them challenging seriously, just look at last season (or the previous 6)



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