Because that is what we need now.

I did not see the game today, but I am sure we are done. No team has ever come back from where we are now. Can we improve, yes, but can we get at least another 33 points from the remaining 24 games, I cannot see it.

Today we had to win and with Sunderland winning and Bournemouth nicking a point, our position got worse.

I have always been positive, but we are simply not good enough.

Championship here we come. I can only hope that we can retain Remi and some of the better players, otherwise we may struggle there too.

I will always be VTID,, but you have to accept the facts, we are done.

I hope you shove these words down my throat later in the season!

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We were already done. Last week's hammering confirmedd it. It's only some pride that we can hope for now.


No point wasting money in January save it for next season.

Sad days

Very sad indeed, just goes to show that signing cheap crap players is the road to ruin.

How on earth we ever thought some of our players were good enough is beyond me.

I don't agree that we save January money till the summer, if Remi wants a player and HE thinks he will improve us then we should get him or them in.

Don't let Reilly sign anybody else, he knows f* all

Yeah your probably right but Lerner is goin to miss out on that great lump of cash for surviving and cant see any material spend at all.

I am a Villa fan. I am delusional. I believe in Miracles. Defo!

There is something which stinks about our defence. It's more than the individual players. Clark plays a blinder for the Republic but not here. We're told that Richards is our best player, but in practice is he that good in defence? We need players in defence who can operate as a unit; that's what we're not doing. Is he the right sort of leader in defence?

Bottom line is the defence is cr*p big-time. We need to try something different.

Pity Senderos isn't available (at least I don't think he is although one team page shows him as having number 14). Okore is though. Bacuna can play as RB, and I think Hutton has played as LB before. So has N'zogbia. There are alternatives.

Forget about the future. What will happen will happen. Concentrate on our current problems. Our attack could be better, but it's the defence which is a stinker.

Nope-we are stuffed, have been for a while now.

Here's a bit of what Remi said after the game:


The first goal was the most difficult to digest for me because it's not a question of tactics, it's just a question of clearing the ball in front of your box and we have to learn from that.

On making changes defensively…

I have some possibilities, yes. I will have a look. I don't know for the moment.

I have many players who can play also at the back, not too many in all positions.

But some are possibilities for me, I will see.

It's not always individuals though, it's sometimes collective.

But also as individuals, for sure, they have to improve their level.

It's not a criticism, it's a fact.

Everybody has to improve his level and the team will be better."

From that I've a reasonable amount of confidence that he's not hiding from the problems and will do whatever he thinks it takes to sort it out. He doesn't do favourites.

Whatever you think, optimist, or pessimist, the outcome will be the same. We are getting relegated.

The only hope we had was if we had brought in Allardyce when we had the chance. We didn't and took the punt on Garde. In the long run it may well be the better bet, but i am pretty sure it is going to take relegation as the bitter medicine to get our club back to some form of health. 

plenty of games to go so it's not over yet.

We can't go on playing this poor year after year without getting caught one year. sadly the above comment won't apply to us as we need to go now as it's stale,embarrassing and wrong for us to be in the best league in world football.

thank you Randy for bringing one of the best run,ever present premier league teams to its knees. You must of got all your cash back now as you're spending over the last 5 years has been championship level at best. The tv money must of got you back in the black as its gone crazy since you took over.

well it's a small comfort for us fans to know that you will get hit hard in the pocket when we do go down,by christmas at this rate.

the only comfort is that we have a good coach to try to take us back up. just hope the fans don't take it out on him when we go down, forcing him out,but the backroom team that you have put together behind the scene will see us right,just like the quality signings they made based on playstation ratings.

Can't believe Randy has not suffered the abuse that Ellis got.

God i can't believe we lost to Watford FFS.

Can only judge by what I saw on MOTD last night. It looked a lively game and when we went forwards we looked a threat; Ayew had a good chance he couldn't quite take, Sinclair a good shot which brought a cracking save, and Hutton got the free kick which led to Richards scoring. But the defence looked a complete shambles, no discipline and it played into Watford's hands, and too often both defence and midfield tried to pass forwards when under pressure when a safe hoof was required. We need a leader in defence who can organise it properly. Think Remi needs to look hard at who he plays there and to get them forming a proper defensive unit. Without it we're easy meat.

If the defence isn't sorted out, then i am afraid fingers will be starting to be pointed at Remi. His job is to organise - starting from the back and working forwards. If anything, the defence has got worse since he took over, so something is obviously quite wrong. 

Defence did pretty well against MC. Then he lost Amavi. Amavi may make the odd mistake but in general terms he knows what defence is about and how to communicate with other defenders. Richardson is a dead loss; he failed to keep the rear line for the first goal so played an attacker onside. He's not positive enough; he goes in as if to tackle then backs off. Half the confusion in defence arises from him getting half involved then leaving it to others to make clearances. It's not his fault; he is not a defender, period, he is a winger. So why Sherwood let Cissokho and Bennett go out on loan and preferred Richardson to Amavi at left back is one of life's great mysteries. Can understand Remi giving him another chance after the Everton fiasco; without a radical carve up of the defence there wasn't really an obvious alternative.

But Remi now knows he needs to do something drastic. At the moment other teams know they can attack with pressure and we'll likely collapse; reminds me of the first few months of Lambert in charge. Koemann will be looking forwards to Saturday's match; if we can keep their score down it will be something.



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