Football is not something which should make you sad! We all love our teams but we need to understand this season won't be our year! We will not win a single trophy and we will not do anything of note! However, hopefully this year is just a transitional year where some young players learn and in the summer we sign some quality players! 

However, no need to be angry! Just 

I'm not fussed, had a feeling this would happen! 

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A reason to be cheerful (this seems to be the right place): after we last got knocked out in the group stages Fergie cast a few spells and we reached four finals in five years.


Still pretty gutted though...

Oh well, this is football! Can't expect in our whole lives to watch Utd teams win without gaps and periods of little success. These blip moments, will help us appreciate our success just a little bit more. However, it is good to be critical of this team! Some exciting talents in our team but we do need some reinforcements. Hopefully we will sign a player in Jan. Just like we did in Jan 2006! 

Though, I did enjoy Nani's 1st half appearance, shame the Utd players did not feed him in as much as they should! Also tired of seeing Smalling as right back! He is nowhere near as good as people say he is out there. Really want Rafael back, so much better than Smalling at right back! He is easily our most promising youngster, Rafael is better than any of the young players in our side, no question! 

Whilst I'm disappointed I'm not angry. To say we will not win a single trophy this season is silly. We are still in 3 competitions and this setback may be the tonic we need.

We will be champions in May and you can take that to the bank

With Vidic now out for the rest of the season, I can't see us winning the title.

Yep, little or no chance in winning the title. If someone gave me 3rd and no trophies, I would bite their hand off. With the likes of Spurs, Arsenal , Chelsea getting stronger, who is to stay top 4 is guaranteed? Lets not forget, we have that pathetic Europa League to contest. That will be hard to juggle!



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