First of all congratulations for your hard earned point against Wigan. Now I have seen many of your fans on this site moaning about the teams performance and the manager. But I tend to disagree with them.
Now not many teams get a point at Wigan. You had to be fully at your best to earn a point at the mighty DW Stadium. Now some of your fans have expressed concerns that you may well battle relegation if this continues. Again I disagree. You won't get relegated. There are far worse teams than you. Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan, QPR, Wolves are far worse than you. So be cheerful that you will survive in the top flight of English football this season.
Now many of your fans complain about your manager. I think he is perfect for the job. You couldn't blame the manager when your best goalscorer got injured. What was he supposed to do? Yes bring on Heskey. Because when things don't go right, Heskey is the only one that you can depend upon to bail you out of the situation. I think that was a good decision by the manager.
Finally as I have said many times you should stick by the manager for this season at least. He is a good guy for the job.

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I wonder if you have ever watched a football match....

That is spot on. Your fans have become too spoilt. It's not that your club is battling relegation. One win and you might jump upto 11th I think provided others drop points. So some of you should stop being so fickle. If AM was so bad then how did he win a trophy?
I think you should build your team around Heskey. He is your creative spark when the likes of Gabby, Nzogbia have failed. Look at him as a future. He has height and strength. You know how important these attributes are in the PL. The manager is right for persisting with Heskey. Why do you want to play attractive football. As long as it wins points any kind of football should be acceptable. Your manager isn't known for good football then why expect? Get behind the team and stop moaning ffs!!!!!

I don't think Heskey provides creative spark and at 34 I don't think we should look at him as the future. But he could play a useful role if played in a 4-4-2, with him and Gabby up front. Don't know if that will happen though..

ya i wouldn't bother with a direct reply to the OP, i think she tested the waters last week with a similar article to get a response or a wind up etc. file under -ignore at your earliest convenience-

ya .. Spinky, i am with you 100% on that, 

How is the Europa League treating you?

It's ok though, because Ajax are a class side. 6th in the Dutch League is not to be sniffed at. You can't just expect to beat that sort of quality at the "theatre of dreams" 

I'd say Red Indian portrays a Man U fan from India who got her shirt in a raffle. Her only satisfaction in life tends to be a very bad attempt at winding up other fans (a minority in her said country), but is the perfect case example of the 'sing when you're winning' type. However, if you notice, she is also quick to turn on United, like in the Norwich game after 85 minutes, prior to receiving egg on her face when Giggs netted a late equaliser...

Pet the SW pet and let her carry on in her oblivious little world. All she wants is a bit of attention from time to time...



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