This article is posted as my personal protest to those fans who post on here and say they are VIILA TROUGH AND TROUGH yet have a 100% record in post`s of looking for negative`s and never trying to see or more to the point look for any positive`s in what Lambert is trying to put together here at our Club .

Now before we see the standard reply of we are all entitled to our opinions as we pay our cash to watch Villa play i do take that on board but to those who see the cup half empty never half full all the time , Pause take a breath before spreading more tales of woe such as .


Would those fan`s who have been so dismissive of Lambert please answer me these question who would they rather have as manager McLeish or Lambert . What would they rather do pay over the odd`s for has been`s on there last contract before career`s end ala O`Neill or buy young hungry player`s who can be nurtured to there full potential if given time . Would they rather see Million`s invested in players who could not care less about this Club as long as they keep there ego`s intact .

My answer to all those question`s is a definitive NO, NO AND CERTAINLY NOT .

I personally say let`s as fan`s be thankful to Lambert for what he has done her so far , For me we are safe this season as i cannot see how unless we have a nightmare run of injuries or a freakish set of result`s for a significant period . He has convinced Learner to slacken the purse string`s somewhat and considering what happened under O`Neill when he had his wallet well and truly raped on over priced over hyped Player`s with very few exception`s . Lambert is assembling a squad of player`s who if we can keep them together and add a bit more quality to certain area`s ( UMMA this is a first i do agree with you 100% we a 2 creative midfielder`s light in this squad ) if we can sort this either in January or in the summer then we as fans will see a massive improvement in both quality of play and more importantly result`s .

I posted article some time ago asking for fan`s thought`s as to why our Home form is so bad ? . Well after reading the comment`s on here i feel i have found the answer some fan`s are setting there expectation`s of what result`s we get and how we play way too high .


The spur`s manager was brave enough to have a go at home fan`s last weekend and he was 110% right if we cannot support our side in game time and save our moan`s and groan`s until the final whistle then you will see player`s start to retreat into themselves`s and stop playing there natural game and start to think too much about what they should do in any given situation , Result a disjointed performance far removed from free flowing football that player`s can produce when playing on there instinct`s with out thought of is this pass going to upset fan`s .

My message to fan`s who see fit to porn scorn constantly on our manager , squad and the team`s effort`s is carry on but donot come on here if Lambert go`s or is sacked and we end up with a one dimensional manager like McLeish again donot forget we have had a very tough 9 game`s as a start to this campaign we are in 13th now and come season`s end would these fan`s be happy to be there at season`s end i would .

Get behind our young team support them in game time show support and encouragement not open criticism and you may be surprised by the out come .



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I would be happy with 13th at the end of the season. I think that would be about right.

Though i do hope that we dont go out of the FA Cup with the same whimper as we did the League Cup....

This site is the least doom and gloom one of the Villa sites I look at. There's a bunch on Vital Villa (not all the contributors on Vital Villa) who are only too ready to put the worst perspective on the players, the manager, the owner, the club, and anything else they can think of. I think here the discussion is generally reasonable; some is more pessimistic than others, but the balance isn't too bad.

I thought in the summer, and still think, we'll finish in the top half, which considering the number of new players we've brought in would to me be an excellent result. We've got through a difficult opening period with a reasonable number of points, and only a point or two away from being in the top half. We have a run between now and Christmas where we ought to be piling on the points a bit; how we do will determine the rest of the season. We may still have a bit of a bumpy ride, but I'm confident we won't be seriously in trouble, although I think that top 7 say is beyond us. As Lambert said a couple of days ago, we're only a year and a bit into the rebuilding. No doom and gloom from me!

Point taken McParland .

My comments about user`s on here were directed at some who cannot help themselves but look at the bad things in games .

The reply's so far have been from fans who do post and join in open discussions with a open mind .

You cannot please everyone and some fans of all clubs will always be negative.

I can remember some dreadful times at the Villa, some great players and some just out for the big bucks.

For a few years probably since Dul was appointed I haven't been fully convinced we were on the right path, that is until now.

We are shedding the overpaid lot and building for the future, I have said many times on here, I just want to be entertained and I do believe that Lambert is working towards that.

I don't agree with his team selection all the time, for example I wanted Sylla in the side for a while now, I think that KEA and Westwood are a bit lightweight, I wish we had taken Barry but that is all just opinion and we can all have that.

Overall I am happy that we are working towards something much better, I don't think for a minute that we will have a fight this year, I hoped for something around 8th but I would be happy with a plus or minus 2 positions on that.

Lets also remember that Lamberts plans have taken a knock losing Okore and for a few games Benteke But we do have a bigger squad and should cope with this.

To those that knock Lambert just remember that Manu fans wanted Ferguson out at about 3 years and look where they went in the next 20.

Overall Rizla I agree with you and we should be supportive but as you said they are entitled to their opinion even if the likes of us don't agree and in any case it is a discussion board after all and better they write something rather than the board being the ghost town it has been recently.

Onwards and Upwards

It's not just searching for negativity though, heard of constructive criticism? If you think Paul Lambert wouldn't look at the negatives in a game then you're wrong. Every manager would nitpick and find what can be improved rather than just focus on what we did well. Say we lose a game, what would be the point in saying 'you did this, this and this well don't worry about the things you didn't do well that caused the loss'.

true enough. 

whatever about negative vs positive( i am always the optimist .. i gave mcleish a good 6 months of blind faith before i was convinced he should go) 

i would not put any faith into post or pre match comments by Lambert. 

I don't know of any manager that criticises his players openly to the media or openly discusses all his teams short comings .. its simply not good management 

its boring to listen to .. its repetitive and it even gets annoying when villa lose a few on the trot and we hear the same old lines of the lads were great, not much in it. etc etc.

but he is a manager and he is managing .. I would love to see what is said behind closed doors!




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