The English Defence League are trying to organise action against Ajax supporters when the Dutch team visit Manchester on Thursday. It's in a quest for revenge after EDL members were humiliated by Ajax supporters in Holland who didn't look kindly on their wishes to demonstrate.

On their Facebook page, the EDL say "In October 2010 Tommy, Kevin, along with approximately 15 other EDL members attended a demonstration in Rotterdam and were met with hostility by Ajax supporters. The EDL's minibus was stoned and EDL were attacked.

Ajax are coming to Manchester United on the 23rd Ferbraury 2012, kick off 8pm, the EDL would like to extend the same courtesy that Ajax supporters showed to them in their country when they come to Manchester."

This is the same EDL who brand themselves as a peaceful organisation.

Manchester United and their fans will obviously want no part of this and the police have already been informed about what the EDL are planning so the likelihood of them being able to pull anything off is low. 

Interestingly the Kevin and Tommy mentioned by the EDL are the same two men who held a roof top protest at FIFA last year as they hijacked the debate on whether the England team should be allowed to wear a poppy on their shirt or not. 

The organisation, not known for their intellectual capacity, have probably picked the worst period possible to take their campaign to Old Trafford, with race relations heightened after recent events. If they do get anywhere near the ground then hopefully they'll find a similar 'welcome' from Manchester United fans as they did from those in Holland. 

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Utter morons the lot of them...

This reminds me how much I love this video:

They bring shame to our war hero's did they really die so twats like this can play little Englanders.... they're just as bad as the people our hero's where fighting... for them to "protest" in their name should be something to Military bosses should make a fuss about, however unfortunately a lot of the military's lower ranked personel are in support of these campaign with really realising the undertoned set by them... I had a blazing argument with a "friend" on facebook after he posted some proganda designed with be in support of the military, it went on to describe the costs of "immegrants" as "wasted money" ect. ect... many of the military personel posted this without realising it was BNP material and had quite serious racist undertones...

Little fucking Englandes, chop their balls off, put them on Salisbury plain and let the army take practice shots at them I say...  



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