Euro 2012 caption competition, just what are Jordi Alba and Pepe Reina up to?

It's Euro 2012 and we've got a series of competitions to get you in the mood ahead of the big kick-off. The first one has quite a special prize of a 10 DVD box set.

Highlights of 50 incredible matches spanning the entire history of the competition. This fantastic series looks back through the archives and features fifty of the greatest clashes from the history of the tournament, including:

France 3 – 2 Portugal, EURO 1984
USSR 0 – 2 Holland, EURO 1988
Holland 1 – 4 England, EURO 1996
Spain 4 – 3 Yugoslavia, EURO 2000
Portugal 2 – 3 Germany, EURO 2008

The set retails at £39.99 but if you win this caption competition then one will be sent out to you shortly. Sounds easy eh?

Here's the image, Jordi Alba and Pepe Reina in training for Euro 2012. 

Simply put your caption below in the comments.

If you're not already a member you can either sign up or sign in with your Twitter account. Good luck, the best will be chosen after 10am on Friday, you can enter as many times as you like.

Only open to people within the UK. Box-set available to purchase from 

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Reina rushes to the aid of Albo after Silva takes the intruction of "defence splitting passes" to a new level....

Alba: 'Hey Pepe, have you seen that box set Sport Witness are giving away?

Reina: '.......'

Alba: 'Pepe....?'

Reina: 'Oh sorry Jordi, I was too busy admiring your box set...'

"For God's sake Pepe, the squad has Xavi, Iniesta and Silva- we've got plenty of penetration as it is!"

Pepe works on his technique to be considered for the opening leg.

Alba: Ok Pepe i get the general idea .

Reina: But Jordi i have not reached the Climax yet

Alba looks to his right and shouts "Torres for God sake hurry up with Reina`s copy of Kama Sutra get it here fast so he can show me his latest move , This is getting out of hand"

Reina : As i say in my area just relax Jordi and take things as they come ..

Jordi Alba looks on with a grimace as Pepe Reina misunderstands him when he says 'At least we should be looking at the semis'

ok jordi its nearly here when i say push push....PUUUSHHH!!!!!!

alba "bugger,da boss has caught us"

reina "dont worry i'll pick up is balls after this"

Reina: "Just relax Jordi, I need some of everybodies if I want to win the Carlos Puyol LookaLike competition!"

'And you're absolutely sure this is what you all do at Liverpool?'

Alba: ", it's okay, we've got plenty of time, they've just passed it to Andy Carroll."


Reina :

Jordi,I said ' I'd love to play for Barcelona  NOT I'd love to play with your arse an' bone ya ! '






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